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Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics with American Indian Foundation launch Community Centre in Haryana with American Indian Foundation launch Community Centre in Haryana

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under the aegis of its Amazon Cares program has partnered with (AIF) to establish and launch a Community Resource Centre. The Centre will benefit the members of two villages, Bhora Kalan, the largest village of Gurugram district of Haryana and Binola Village. Based on the needs of the local community, Amazon Cares has designed programs to impact and enhance the lives of more than 14,000 people in the community in the three areas of education, health and hygiene and , said a statement from e-commerce firm.

“As a corporate member of these communities, we believe we have to play our role in creating opportunities that will transform the lives of these local communities. Our holistic program aims to create and facilitate all-round development of children, women, youth and local communities across all age groups through the use of technology and literacy tools. We hope our regular workshops, training and awareness programs will help us engage with them effectively and will play a key role in their growth and development.” said Akhil Saxena, Vice President, India Customer Fulfilment, Amazon India.

The Education initiative focuses on creating opportunities and enabling access to quality education for the community children. The Centre works with the government schools and the local community to address the gaps and challenges within the education system. Different activities will be organized for the students of Government Boys and Girls Primary School, Bhora Kalan through the Learning Resource Centre set up inside the school premises.

With a focus to provide underprivileged women and youth with skill training and access to formal employment opportunities, the centre will provide Computer Training and Basic English and Communications. Additionally, the Women Empowerment program will also provide vocational training on Tailoring and Stitching.

The objective of the Health and Hygiene initiative is to promote and advocate for preventive health care. Some of the initiatives planned include awareness programs for adolescent girls and women, sensitizing them on menstrual hygiene, anemia, sexual and reproductive health, immunization and common diseases in dental, eye, skin to name a few. Workshops with Anganwadi workers and women on Early Childhood Development and Management will be conducted at various Centres in the village to sensitize women about the importance of the health of children right from an early age.

Amazon Cares demonstrates the philosophy of being ‘good neighbors' through the activities undertaken in areas where Amazon India operates. The Company imbibes this philosophy to empower and engage its employees, customers, sellers, local communities and other stakeholders in its contributions to create opportunities and transform lives.

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