Thursday, July 7, 2022


Brexit: Uncertainty looms over GDPR, NIS Regulations for tech sector

With Theresa May’s Brexit doomed to history, the ramifications of the UK’s divorce from the EU for the British burgeoning tech industry could be a period of chaos, uncertainty and sluggish growth.

Facing fuel supply crisis, UK suspend rules Competition Act to ease fuel supply

The earlier policy announced by the British government created a state of panic in the country resulting in long queues at petrol stations across the country

British High Commission working to attract investment in Bangladesh’s IT sector

The High Commissioner stressed the development of Bangladesh's position in the 'Business Management Index' for the expansion of domestic and foreign investment and for this, the government and the private sector should work together. 

After GDPR, EU now goes after bots and data harvesters

Years after it implemented Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, the European Union (EU) is now moving toward adressing the growing menance of bots and data harvesters

Not in good league: India just next to Russia and China on protecting citizens privacy

India may have made a start in recognising privacy and data security, but it is next only to Russia and China when it comes to its surveillance framework and is dubbed as a country with “systemic failure to maintain privacy safeguards”

5 reasons why Canada is perfect destination for Indian tech workers

Josh Schachnow, CEO, Visto discovers five of the many reasons why Indians are choosing to bring their skills, their drive, and their hard work to Canada.

Google tightens political ad rules ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2019

Google is tighting its political ad rules ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2019. Now, it require advertisers to provide a ‘pre-certificate’ issued by the Election Commission of India to run ads.
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