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How is Artificial Intelligence influencing online casino gaming

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Artificial Intelligence influence is changing the online gaming experience as online casinos are leveraging next-generation technology to offer newer experiences to gamers.

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is setting root in all aspects of human lives, be it for industrial or household activities. It is something that most people know about but still not many understand. Among the areas that have experienced said innovation is the industry. Significant advances have also been made in the development of machines able to beat even a pro poker player.

In the gambling market, including online casinos in India, AI technologies have also been implemented. The story of Libratus winning thousands of poker games against top-rated poker players was a great breakthrough. However, what will be the impact of implementing these AI machines in casinos? This article seeks to answer this question by focusing on its positive impacts.

Identifying Online Casino Gambling Addicts

Gambling addicts are a negative influence on the gambling industry since they create a negative image by propagating stereotypes. Casinos, of course, understand these impacts, and they tend to deal with addicts in different ways. In most cases, they are banned from accessing a casino's games for life. That said, online casinos deal with a huge amount of player data and finding addicts can sometimes be difficult.

Thanks to the implementation of AI, it is now possible to detect and prevent a player's addiction by analysing player behaviour. AI has the ability to identify suspicious behaviour and report the problem to the casino operators as soon as possible. Such accounts can then be suspended to prevent the player from sinking too deep into addiction. An example of such a technology is Playtech's BetBuddy.

Smart Data

As stated earlier, casinos collect a huge amount of data. The data then provides people with tailored deals of offers online. Furthermore, ads, gaming experiences and special offers can be personalized to specific players based on the data collected about that player. This data is massive and human processing can take years to completely get an outcome. It is no surprise that gambling platforms are now implementing AI to hone in on people's likes and dislikes.

Where the human brain fails, this technology has the ability to identify patterns, and give predictions as intended. However, there is a dark side to using these technologies. Some users might be consenting to the use of personal data like emails without their knowledge. This is usually due to the long terms and conditions page which legally enables the use of a gambler's data, which many players are not reading entirely before playing.

Improved Online Casino Customer Service

You have probably encountered a problem on a gaming platform before, and you most likely chose to contact support using the live chat feature. Sometimes you get the ‘I don't understand. Do you need help?' Obviously, here you are not talking to a human but rather a chatbot. With the inception of AI in gaming, you can forget about the unresponsiveness of these bots.

Well-developed AI will have access to most of your data and this makes it possible for it to give logical answers. According to research done by Oracle, over 78% of gaming platforms have implemented Virtual Reality and AI to improve a player's gaming experience.

Reaching Young People

Artificial intelligence could be one of the reasons why more and more young gamers are joining gambling platforms. Research reveals that most gamblers are within the age of 35-65 years. But, with the implementation of AI-driven VR technology from different casino operators, the millennial market can be captured.

Millennials have the lowest chance of stepping foot in a land-based casino or play via desktop devices. They are more engaged with mobile devices compared to their older peers. VR technology will amplify the online gaming trend by implementing creative technology in the casino gambling experience.

Casino Cheating Prevention

Is it possible for AI machines to cheat in online casinos? Understanding the basics of how an AI works makes it possible to have them cheat in games. All you need is time on your side to teach the AI how to play and the winning combinations. With well-equipped AI, you can be a deadly gambler who has no remorse or gets tired of playing.

However, the most interesting part is, casinos can use the same technology to identify cheaters. Online casinos usually face more problems in terms of security compared to land-based casinos. Luckily, most, if not all online casinos, use the same trick to weed out unfair gamers. The challenge in this situation is facing a much stronger AI from cheaters.

Future Prospects of AI

The future of AI in the gaming stage is difficult to predict since it is in its infancy. However, there is no doubt that its influence is changing the way we play and enjoy our online gaming experience. Online gaming will soon be a personal encounter with the feel of owning your self-made custom casino. Although AI is invisible to the naked eye, there are smart technologies hidden in every sector of gaming.

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