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OTT a new window for Bangladesh entertainment

According to him, there is no better way to preserve Bangladeshi films after showing them in cinema halls.

According to him, there is no better way to preserve Bangladeshi films after showing them in cinema halls.

Dhaka — The new medium of company ‘Over the Top’ or platform is drawing a lot of online viewers in as the number of home companies is increasing. In addition to the foreign OTT, the developers of these new national platforms in Bangladesh as well as the stars are creating a lot of thinking about it.

Top services refer to any type of video or streaming media that gives viewers access to movies or TV shows by sending media directly over the Internet. The first OTT platform in Bangladesh is ‘Cinematic’. It is the result of the tireless work of domestic developers. The platform has been created keeping in mind the needs of the country and the expatriate Bengali audience.

By subscribing to any mobile operator in the country with cash, Visa and MasterCard for a certain amount of money, visitors can easily access all the content provided on a particular platform.

Director of the company Tamjid Atul thinks that the platform is ‘Bangla Cinema Archive’.

According to him, there is no better way to preserve Bangladeshi films after showing them in cinema halls.

“Many movies have been lost due to lack of preservation. All the pictures can be found in the ‘Cinematic’ app, ‘he said.

Apart from that, there are also new movies. There will be web movies, dramas and web series. No offensive content will be allowed on the platform, he said boldly.

The movie ‘Butcher’ was released last on OTT’s platform ‘I Theater’. This is the first movie to be published on OTT on the occasion of TD. The movie is directed by Ananya Mamun.

He said Bangladesh needs to have more OTT platforms not only to meet domestic demand but also to capture the international market. Proper marketing is needed for this purpose, OTT officials said.

“We need to focus on OTT platforms and work around the world. If every work has subtitles in different languages, people in other languages will also see our production,”he added.

Actor Shyamal Mawla has acted in several series on OTT platform. He said, “The whole world is moving towards technology. The new platform has come as an advantage. ”

“The competition is fierce as the doors are wide. We have to live with quality content here, ”he noted.

Meanwhile, many viewers have turned away from television due to excessive advertising and disrespectful drama. Many industry insiders feel that they are now leaning towards this OTT platform.

Actor Musharraf Karim has said that the field of work is much wider. The business of artists will also grow.

“Whatever the field, if the content is not thought out, the audience will not accept it if the acting skills and construction discipline are not satisfactory,” said famous actor Musharraf Karim.

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