Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Growth Hacking Book 2: Diverse set of authors make second edition apart

The Growth Hacking Book is one of the most critically acclaimed non-fiction business books on Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking

The Growth Hacking Book 2: Imagine if an anthology and a non-fiction business book had a  baby — that was the vision of celebrated growth hacker Rohan Chaubey and bestseller launch expert Parul Agrawal and Sourabh Goyal on launching their collaborative book.

The Growth Hacking Book is one of the most critically acclaimed non-fiction business books on Digital and Growth Hacking.

After the success of the first edition which was published in 2019, the publishers brought back the popular book format with a new set of denizens for its second edition.

The book introduces an all-new lineup of over 100 authors from 20 countries includes C-level executives of unicorn startups, thought leaders from the digital ecosystem, popular influencers and internet celebrities.

A simple glance across pages indicates the incorporation of a very diverse set of authors whose careers and businesses significantly benefited from the exposure and network they were introduced to.

The publishers say that they are on a mission to evangelize the concept of GrowthSet (Skillset + Mindset + Toolset), holding the vision every organization in the world will adopt the GrowthSet model to build growth teams to achieve fast-paced breakout growth.

The authors say that they aim to popularize new-age digital marketing strategies and serve as a growth marketing playbook that will engage and impact thousands of industry peers and companies.

Every person in the organization must be held accountable to move the needle towards the North Star Metric. Product / Tech, Design, Sales, Marketing, etc. will no longer be separate teams or departments, but the subset of one team called the growth team.

Roles like a digital marketer will change to growth marketer not because it’s fancy, but for it to act as a reminder that we discontinue chasing vanity metrics and shift the core focus on growth metrics that matters.


Kushagra Sharma from 505 Circle and one of the authors of the book believes that bringing out insights from industry thought leaders and influencers from more than 20 countries including Edition 1 and Edition 2 and evangelizing the concept of Growth Hacking and GrowthSet are invaluable.

“Imagine what is possible if you discover the growth hacks tried and tested by the world’s top 100+ experts from 20 countries. The book presents 100+ battle-tested growth strategies, and not often do you come across a congregation of best minds coming together to author a  book to bring out insights that will enable a transformational positive change to Businesses,” Sharma says.

He adds: “So whether you are a student, professional, coach, trainer, business owner or an entrepreneur looking for exponential growth in life and business THE GROWTH HACKING BOOK 2 is for you!.”

The publishers say that the book serves as a package of ideas, suggestions and lessons from over 100+ contributors and companies from 20+ countries.

Prominent Featured contributors

  • Khe Hy (“Oprah for Millennials” – CNN)
  • Noah Kagan (Noah Kagan is founder and Noah was #30 at Facebook, #4 at Mint and has since created four multi-million dollar businesses)
  • Chris Out (Founder of the first growth hacking agency in The Netherlands)
  • SEMrush (One of the world’s most popular SEO tool)
  • 100+ other contributors from 15-20 countries.

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