Monday, March 27, 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
Tech ObserverNewsGoogle is making seamless updates mandatory for Android 11 devices

Google is making seamless updates mandatory for Android 11 devices

No one really like dealing with updates, as necessary and useful as they may be. Earlier, the Android users had the power to postpone updates as much as possible or for as long as they would deem appropriate but now is making these updates mandatory, by introducing a seamless updated concept that hopefully will fix the problem. This means that for some of the Android models the updates won't need further authorization and they will happen without any interference and with minimal disruption to the device.

Why people hate updates

The main reason why people hate these updates is that it basically makes the app useless while the update is happening. This means that if updates become mandatory-you won't be able to control when these updates happen, which could actually bring more bad than good.

While this move will definitely make sure that everyone is using only the latest versions of the application, it might put people off from using the app completely, even if for a short period of time because maybe they preferred the older version.

Right now, while the application is being updated you can not use it, even if it's an app that you use every time you open up your phone. This also means that you might not be able to save your progress or an unfinished project in time before the update starts. This can be a real bummer for those who either do their work or school projects on their phones, those who write on the phones and especially for those who play a lot of games, be that gambling or the games that record your progressions.

If you're one of many people using your phone to play casino games, this update could mean that you might be kicked out of your game, losing not all your progress but all your wins as well. For those who play at real money casinos online, this is even more stressful because you could be ruining the game for everyone who is playing as well and there's nothing you can do about it. This could also be a real bummer if someone who was just processing their big win had to be kicked out of the app for an uncertain amount of time before the update is finished. As 5G starts to roll out more widely, more people will start playing on their phones, hence more people will find the very same problem with this seamless update requirement.

Will update be well-received?

There's a big chance of backlash because the update is going to be quite massive because generally speaking people don't like it when updates happen without their permission, but since the model would make it seamless it is yet uncertain how the public will receive this update.

Over the years, not only have the companies been getting negative feedback for constant reminders that these companies sent out for updates, but now they've taken away the customer's power to choose to update.

From now on the presence of virtual A/B partitions will become essential for users to access Google apps. This will ensure that there is space for a backup system while the update is happening and it will also make it easier for the version to go back to its previous state if the new update turned out to fail the current system. The apps can now be installed and updated in the background.

This isn't the first time Google has introduced a similar update but this year marks a first instance where now smartphone companies are required to operate in this manner.

We don't know the exact release date for Android 11, but as we can tell from this update news, Google is already making changes to its operating systems and is introducing new requirements.

Since the seamless update feature has already been under fire by many users for inconveniences that it causes it safe to assume that this new requirement will be no different and once hits the markets we will be hearing more from the customers.

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National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023

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