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2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
2023 Data Protection Report
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Here’s how live streaming is gaining ground in India

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It is a known fact that so many people in India give and receive lectures via services today. According to a recent report, as many as 96% of people say they have watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or service.

For Indians, Live Stream has made it quite easy to watch sports games in real-time like cricket, football and others. It is estimated that the number of people watching live stream videos would rise steadily year over year.

Live Game Streaming Is On The Jump

People who stream their video gameplay live are known as streamers. Some of these people stream video games as ordinary hobbies, while others do it professionally. Also, there are people who just watch other people play video games online and possibly bet on the outcome of such games. There are popular streaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, Hitbox and many others. Popular streamers like Ninja, Summit1g, LIRIK and others are professional gamers in the live stream industry.

In India, the live game industry is exploding, virtually almost all young adults who have access to smartphones or computers stream games via various streaming platforms. This has in turn resulted in Indians flocking to live casinos. As of today, people have the option of choosing from thousands of live casinos in India to play on. Live streaming of live casinos is on the rise because gamblers could get the real casino feeling from their homes or offices, even if they live in a state where gambling is illegal.

According to the consulting firm EY, India had 160 million digital video viewers at the end of 2016, There are about two dozen streaming services in India, and digital subscriptions rose 50% to ₹3.9 billion ($60 million) in 2017, and are expected to hit ₹20 billion ($309 million) by 2020.

A Live stream platform where you could find live casino streamers, Twitch, recorded an approximate 212 million viewers in 2017, the site reported an increase of 67% in concurrent streamers for Q3 2017.

Many Indians Prefer To Live Stream Sport Events

It is no news that most Indians are avid sports lovers. Since Hotstar started streaming the Indian Premier League live, views increased from 41 million in 2015 to 110 million in 2016, then from 130 million in 2017 to 202 million in 2018. This shows that there was a 55.3 % increase between 2017 and 2018 alone. Hotstar had a record 10.3 million concurrent viewers during the Chennai Super Kings vs Sunrisers Hyderabad final.

Many Indians now prefer to live stream sports via betting sites. This makes it easier for Indian gamblers to place their bets in real-time on betting sites. Common sports like Cricket, , Horse racing and others are popular sports that Indians Live stream via betting sites. Some Indian betting sites that offer Live streams are Betway and many others.

Video Streaming Will Reach RS 11,977 crore by 2023

Video streaming will reach RS 11,977 crore by 2023, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. The Industry would grow at a CAGR of 21.82% to get to that point. It is said that the Over-the-top video industry would have the highest growth in entertainment and would rise by 11.28% to reach Rs.4,51,405 crore. In the year 2018, India was the tenth largest market for OTT in the world with overall revenue of Rs. 4,462 crore.

Subscription-based video-on-demand platforms would grow at a CAGR of 23.33% to get to Rs. 10,712 crore between 2018 to 2023. Mobile is undoubtedly the preferred video streaming device, in February 2019, nearly 144 million consumers in India visited some popular video streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney, 87% of those consumers were Mobile users while 6% used their desktop.

Netflix postulated that 100 million of its subscribers would come from India. Apart from Netflix, Amazon and Disney's Hotstar, new streaming services are trooping into the Indian market, some of those services are , , Zee5, and many others.

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