No-code software in 2020 to ease life of IT functions

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The year 2020 will see further democratization of technology, further lowering the cost of building and deploying technology solutions for the business. Significant increase of low / no-code software will empower business to assemble their solutions while IT takes a dominant role of ensuring security and protection as well as choose the right deployment options. Business processes will further dominate the enterprise landscape and more power to process and functional owners as they try to significantly improve process cycle time with technology.

We are also likely to see a lot of focus on , accentuated as a result of investments in AI and . Companies will invest significant time and money in putting together policies, procedures, technologies, practices and tools to create a more secure environment. insurance market on the other hand will pick up significant attention and will see over a 3x growth in 2020.

Enterprises will accelerate the pace at which they launch and execute new business initiatives. AI adoption will see a lot of fast followers – enterprises will take serious interest in delivering returns with AI. Solutions like chatbots, image recognition and machine learning, most enterprises will put together their AI strategy and execution plan.

The next year will also see a significant demand for digital skills especially in areas entailing a healthy mix of process and technical knowledge. There will be significant focus on driving company culture to create the excitement in adopting some of these new technologies.

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