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AI, VR and facial recognition technologies to dominate online casino

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Technology developers never sleep and there is no sector where they don't play defining role. This is especially true when it comes to online casinos. The next-generation technologies such as , and , among others have immense role to play in gaming industry including . Here are few emerging technologies that are impressive, sophisticated and offer an amazing power to online casino industry.

Virtual Reality (VR)

This technology has been with us for a decade or even longer and it is definitely something mobile gamblers are more than just interested in. VR allows you to combine the best from online and land casinos. In simple words, you will be able to play any virtual game you like, but it will feel like you are in an actual, land casino. You can walk, chat, use different slot machines and so much more. That's what best live casino online sites in India are implementing right now.

At the moment, the technology allows you to play a specific list of games. You are limited in movement and options, but soon all of this is going to change. We already know that some of the largest game developers are investing a huge amount of money into VR online casino games.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition may be a well—known tech for some of you. For others, it is something that only secret agents use. However, this technology will soon become available in online casinos. There are already a few of them that have been using it and this may be primitive but it is developing fast.

Facial recognition is used when a user wants to deposit funds or to withdraw his winnings. Instead of email or phone verification, you will be asked to turn on the camera on the device or to send a photo. That photo will be checked and it must be a 100% match with the photo you have on government document. Newer systems have the ability to compare your real face with the photo on the ID document and only then they will allow the transaction. Facial recognition eliminates risk or your account being stolen, forgotten password or anything similar.

Artificial Intelligence

A few years from now, you will be able to visit an online casino and has the best experience in your lifetime, all of that thanks to AI. It stands for artificial intelligence and it is basically a virtual host that will make sure all you need is right here, a few clicks away.

AI will collect various details and information about you. It will estimate which games you play at what time, how much you spend and how you react. Combining all of these factors, the system will present you with the best games and also with the most suitable alternatives for that very moment. All you have to do is to confirm your choice and you are done.

Skill Focused Games

This is not something you will see in the future, this is something you can see right now. Skill focused or based games are known as Video Machines and they are precisely as the name suggests. You have the main character, you will need to defeat the opponents, collect points and complete missions. This sounds as real, gaming you have now and the point is precisely that. By playing a video game that is similar to any other you can win big time. Jackpots and winnings are given when you complete a level, get a specific upgrade or when you defeat your enemies.

These games will also have a deep story with countless details and characters. Gamblers will play a game more for fun and enjoy as much as possible. Of course, jackpots will have the second main role, but still, skill-based games are mostly about gaming and then gambling. This advantage will massively increase number of online gamblers, which is a good thing.

The future looks bright

A few years from now, you will visit an online casino you use right now and you won't be able to believe all the features and technologies are available. In a nutshell, you can expect better games, better graphics and also better experience. Computers will make all of that possible. In addition, you can expect safer user interface as well and better gambler protection.

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