India’s best play school, The Shri Ram Wonder Years comes to Ghaziabad

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With an aim to promote quality education and fun-based learning to young kids in Ghaziabad, (TSWY) was inaugurated on Sunday in the presence of who is who of education sector.

The preschool which has been set up under the guidance of Shri Educare Limited (SEL), a company formed in 2008 by Arun Bharat Ram family, promise to deliver qualitative improvement in education through child-friendly learning and fun based educational activities, said various speakers during the inaugural ceremony.

The group founders have been pioneered of setting up many highly reputed educational institutions in the country such as Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) and the Lady Shri Ram College (LSR). The group also runs the famous The Shri Ram Schools in Delhi.

While speaking at the inaugural program, , CEO, The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Ghaziabd said, “TSWY, Ghaziabad began with a quest for quality pre-school education for my daughter. That quest created deep need to create an environment in which the child should develop their most vital learning tool – their own mind.”

She asserted that at the TSWY, Ghaziabd, the focus will be on language and literacy, development of fine motor skills and inculcating a questioning mind set.

“Our curriculum aptly prepares children for successful transition to school. We make sure right values are instilled in children in their formative years so that they grow to become individual who are grounded in their roots while aiming at the sky,” she said.

By incorporating best of the different methods of teaching including Montessori, the TSWY has come up with BaLA (Building as Learning Aid) concept. The curriculum is a healthy mix of the theory of Multiple Intelligence, the Play Way and the Montessori Method.

According to Saman Zahra, Centre Head of The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Ghaziabad, BaLa is an innovative concept towards qualitative improvement in education, through developing child-friendly learning and fun based, physical environment building in school infrastructure.

“Simply put, it is using the structure of the building as a teaching material. We believe that every space of a school premises be it floors, windows, doors and walls can be used to teach topics and concepts in a fun and engaging ways,” said Zahra.

She emphasized that TSWY, Ghaziabad has been built in a such a way that every space of it could be used for imparting learning. “The walls, floors, windows and doors have been designed in a way that it will attract kids and make them learn more,” she said.

TSWY, Ghaziabad has been built in a such a way that every space of it could be used for imparting learning
TSWY, Ghaziabad has been built in a such a way that every space of it could be used for imparting learning. (Photo: TSWY)

According to SEL, through activities like Wonder Time, Circle Time and the Life Skill programme, the children enhance their abilities to think out of the box, express themselves and develop positive self–esteem. The objectives are fulfilled through the use of puppets, story sessions, role play, art and craft, action songs, movement, guided and free play and share and tell, in order to develop creativity and understanding.

The overall curriculum includes focus on individual progress and development; hands on learning; developing communication skills; developing critical thinking skills; child-centred environment; self-development activities; an integrated approach to learning; developing sensitivity; music and movement; share and tell; and circle time; and free play.

According to Zahra, with trained staff and highly qualified faculty members, TSWY will impart an unmatchable quality education in Ghaziabad under the guidance of Shri Educare. “As you know India’s best play schools are run by our group and I assure you that we will make The Shri Ram Wonder Years, the best play school in Ghaziabad.”

The Shri Ram Wonder Years, Ghaziabad informed that the admission process will start soon.

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