India is the cheapest place to get Amazon Prime Video

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Just two years ago, in 2016, introduced its Prime Video services in over 200 countries. This has led to significantly increased in the consumption of Prime Video as the new market allowed the company to explore not only the new territory, also the new content. With Internet connectivity improving across different markets, over the top video services have become popular. Companies like Hotstar, Voot, NetFlix and Amazon have seen growth over the years.

But that does not mean that all the titles and services are available in all the markets. In fact, the prize of watching an varies from country to country. According to a list of Comparitech for the , India is by far the cheapest place to buy Amazon Prime Video. At a cost of just $1.76 (£1.37) per month, it’s $11.23 or £4.62 cheaper than the US or UK, respectively.

While India is cheapest, US is the most expensive place to watch Amazon Prime Video. When it comes to how much Amazon Prime Video is per month, the US and UK don’t come close to the top at all, with the US ranking as the most expensive place and the UK ranking as the 22nd cheapest place. In fact, compared to the average cost per month ($6.56 or £5.11), the UK is nearly 16 percent more expensive than average and the US is nearly a whopping 66 percent more expensive.

In stark contrast, India is 115 percent cheaper than average with 2,351 titles, which is approximately 230 percent larger than Singapore’s measly library of 713. The report says that US is the most expensive place to get Amazon Prime Video, which is likely due to the fact that users aren’t just getting Prime Video as part of this service. They will automatically receive access to its music library, free delivery, and various other perks.

While India is cheapest, US is the most expensive place to watch Amazon Prime Videso.
While India is cheapest, US is the most expensive place to watch Amazon Prime Video. (Photo: Comparitech)

Other top-paying countries include Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Consumers there pay $2.55 or £1.99 (approximately 33 percent) more than the average customer. This is $7.35 or £5.73 (approximately 135 percent) more than the cheapest place, India.

The report asserts that while one can get cheaper subscriptions in countries like India and Japan, but they have a much smaller library size as well. The lowest number of titles available (713) is in Singapore, while the highest number of titles available (18,246) is in the US.

Rank Country Cost Per Month (Local) Cost Per Month ($) Cost Per Month (£) Comparison to Average
1 India RS 129 $1.76 1.37 73% cheaper
2 Japan 400 Yen $3.57 2.78 46% cheaper
3 Brazil BRL 14.90 $4.06 3.16 38% cheaper
4 Australia AUD 6.99 $4.96 3.87 24% cheaper
5 Mexico 99 MXN $5.09 3.97 22% cheaper
6 Italy EUR 4.99 $5.69 4.43 13% cheaper
7 Spain EUR 4.99 $5.69 4.43 13% cheaper
8 New Zealand USD 5.99 $5.99 4.67 9% cheaper
9 South Africa USD 5.99 $5.99 4.67 9% cheaper
10 South Korea USD 5.99 $5.99 4.67 9% cheaper


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