Forcepoint sets up new unit to focus on critical infrastructure business
Forcepoint sets up new unit to focus on critical infrastructure business. (Image: File)

With an aim to increase its business from verticals such as public sector, energy, oil and gas and critical manufacturing, the American firm has set up a new business unit that will focus on business from critical infrastructure providers.

The business unit will position company’s government and enterprise security products around insider threat detection, enhanced data security and advanced threat protection for critical infrastructure to government organisations, energy, oil and gas and critical manufacturing companies.

The company said that it would offer a portfolio of integrated, behavioral-based cybersecurity products with content relevant for the industrial space, focusing initially on network security solutions designed to bring more visibility to the sophisticated threats facing industrial control systems.

“The relative ease and low-cost of cyber attacks across borders today is leading to a crisis in critical infrastructure, where both the information technology and the operational side of the house have to come together quickly,” said Sean Berg, senior vice president and general manager for Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure at Forcepoint.

“These industries provide essential services that underpin society, and they need to control access to the plant or electric grid to protect their users and critical data. The most effective, holistic approach requires behavioral insight to automatically provide security countermeasures without impacting availability to prevent intrusion into critical systems,” added Berg.

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