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As a creative person, I would like to follow my mind when it comes to doing films, says Aamir Khan. (Photo/Twitter)

The one thing that least affect Superstar decision to do a particular film is trends. While speaking at a programme in New Delhi, the Dangal star said, he make himself aware about what’s trending but those have no impact on the kind of film he chooses to do. He said, he is more interested in surprising himself and the audience.

“I like to know the trend, but when it comes to choosing films, I will go by my instinct. Trends don’t affect my choice of films. As a creative person, I would like to follow my mind when it comes to doing films. It is very important for me to be excited about what I am taking and I have often picked subjects which are not a part of any trend,” said Aamir.

“I like to surprise myself and the audience as I feel that is one important aspect of storytelling. It is always fun to give something unexpected to people. It is good to know trends. I don’t know how I would like to use it personally, but I guess other filmmakers may consider it,” said the star of upcoming Secret Superstar movie.

The 52-year-old actor is known for his unusual choice of roles and subjects. He said as a creative person, he only trusts his instinct before signing a project. Earlier in an interview, he had said, “I actually don’t fear that (losing stardom). I am very clear that I am going to lose it all. I have no doubt in my mind that there will be a day when I will not have all this. So why fear? Death is going to come to all of us. Even creativity goes to a sustenance period and finally, it gets destroyed. It’s a natural process of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Everything which exists will get destroyed. I will lose all of this, definitely.”

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