Thursday, October 28, 2021

Winter Preparation: Vancouver gardeners go over the Hedge

Midsummer is a hectic time for gardeners. The growing season isn’t quite over, yet it’s time to start thinking of winter prep. As professional landscapers, the team at West Coast Lawns & Gardens (WCLG) has some advice for green thumbers. Hedges typically grow aggressively through the summer months and less so through the fall and winter. As a result, a midsummer trim can result in a well-manicured look throughout the winter and into next spring.

Scheduling a mid-summer trim can reduce the cost of needing to prune a hedge multiple times, and trimming a hedge properly before winter can prevent or mitigate winter damage that can cost a lot for repair or replacement. It’s important to make sure a hedge is in the correct proportion so that it does not accumulate a large snow load that can damage it.

For more formal landscapes, hedges may require maintenance several times a year. In this case, a light monthly trimming will help maintain its shape and contours, while ensuring the foliage is tight and level.

Shrubbery such as boxwood, cedars, yew, and laurel maintain elegant and refined shapes with regular maintenance. However, it requires professional knowledge to know what style of trimming to use-as well as the best times of year to do the work. For example, there’s no point in trimming before the leaves fall off-or after the new blooms for next season have set.

For help with garden planting or yard maintenance, the team at at West Coast Lawns & Gardens has all the ladders, safety gear, trimmers, pruners, and staff needed to tame any project big or small. Let them take care of the heavy lifting, whether it’s a monthly project or once a year.


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