Monday, October 18, 2021

“How to tie a tie” is top search term online in ‘how to’ do searches, says Google

Overall, "how to tie a tie," how to kiss," how to get pregnant," how to lose weight, "how to draw," were the top five search under 'how to' do searches, says Google.

Everyday all of us go to to search something or other. They could be anything from breaking news to the latest sports scores to movie updates. But that’s not all, says that while people often search for breaking news, the latest sports scores, or what’s playing at a local movie theater, they also often look for answers on ‘how to fix the more mundane items around them.

The search giant says there is gradual rise of “how to…” searches. It has increased by more than 140% since 2004, and much of that search interest is directed towards how to “fix” things—whether it’s a lightbulb, window, washing machine, or even the toilet.

To understand this trend, Google’s News Lab and data journalist Xaquín González Veira compiles all of the most popular how to searches into an interactive graphic that one can adjust based on where they live.

The first data visualization shows in the United States, the top “how to fix” items are doors, followed by windows, toilets, washing machines and refrigerators. While in Japan, the order is: windows, doors, washing machines, and toilets. In Russia, it’s “how to fix a washing machine.”

Overall, “how to tie a tie,” how to kiss,” how to get pregnant,” how to lose weight, “how to draw,” were the top five search. “We looked at what things we need the most help with around the house, from the simplest how-to-fit-a-bulb kind of fixes, to those fixes for which we know we need a professional, but our ego makes us take upon ourselves to at least try,” wrote Viera.

North Americans and East Asians need their toilets, people in former Soviet countries are fearless enough to attempt fixing their own washing machines, warmer climates can’t live without a fridge – makes sense – and North and Eastern Europeans need help fixing their light bulbs,” said Viera.


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