Trend Micro CLOUDSEC 2017 to focus on security of Industrial Internet of Things in India

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro will host its premier internet security conference CLOUDSEC 2017 in Mumbai on September 13.

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Cybersecurity firm will host its premier internet security conference CLOUDSEC 2017 in India on September 13. According to a statement, the seventh annual event will be held in Mumbai.This event leads up to a tour across APAC countries, including India, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia and the United Kingdom, before making the last stop in The Republic of Korea, said Trend Micro.

For the event, Trend Micro has invited renowned experts, industry thought leaders, businesses and organisations from across the globe to re-evaluate and redefine their understanding of threats, risks and solutions in a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

According to Trend Micro, the CLOUDSEC India 2017 will features speakers like Bill McGee, Senior Vice President of Hybrid Cloud Security, Trend Micro; Vishal Salvi, Chief Information Security Officer, Infosys; Dhanya Thakkar, Managing Director and Vice President, APAC, Trend Micro; Simon Piff, Vice President of Security Practice, IDC; Myla Pilao, Director of TrendLabs Research, Trend Micro; Sunil Varkey, Vice President & CISO, Wipro Technologies; Jayantha Prabhu, Chief Information Officer, Essar Group.

The focus of CLOUDSEC 2017 will be around security in the age of digitally connected world. “With the rise in internet connected devices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and where mobile and cloud first is the new norm, enterprises are seen grappling with security mechanisms to address their vulnerabilities, that lie exposed to the cybercriminals,” said Trend Micro.

firm said that IoT devices have become the preferred choice for cyber attackers looking to disrupt and paralyse the system, and IoT Ransomware threat is more serious than ever. Notwithstanding, there are a plethora of other newer and stealthier security challenges that enterprises need to face today as well, which include – Business Process Compromise, Targeted attacks, BEC (Business Email Compromise), Next generation vs. cross-generation security, alternative ways to secure an enterprise network and GDPR.

“Over the years, CLOUDSEC has grown to become a credible and innovative platform where the very best of global best-practices pertaining to the latest threats and security strategies come together, along with compelling insights and deliberations by experts that keep raising the bar of excellence,” said Nilesh Jain, Country Manager (India and SAARC), Trend Micro.

“In 2017, the challenge remains for the industry to Level- Up and devise innovative strategies to stay ahead of cybercriminals in a never-ending supremacy tug-of-war. CLOUDSEC aims to educate and generate awareness about new security issues, and prepare attendees to address a wide spectrum of real-world challenges and current strategies in internet security,” he added.

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