May 11, 2021 1:19 am

Tag: Optiemus Infracom

Optisafe launches smart device to bolster women safety

Optisafe launches distress alert smart device to bolster women safety

With an aim to bolster women safety and security, home-grown technology firm Optiemus Infracom under its new venture Optisafe has launched a distress alert device called 'My Hero'.
With the recent series of data breaches across businesses globally, the concern regarding protecting user data has become more relevant than before. There are many applications in your smartphones that access your private data by taking permissions through pop-ups or otherwise.

Is your smartphone snooping on you?

While smartphones are the epitome of modern convenience, these devices which store our personal and professional information like emails, photos, bank details among others can easily fall prey to hackers and to other malicious activities.
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