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KT Prasad, Country Sales Director, Zendesk

Omnichannel CX strategy to become prominent in 2020: Zendesk KT Prasad

Enterprise will recognise the power of adopting an omnichannel CX strategy to give their customers an increasingly seamless customer experience
Salesforce's relentless focus on delivering CRM innovation and customer success has fueled our growth worldwide, says Alex Dayon, president and chief strategy officer, Salesforce.

We are No. 1 CRM provider, claims Salesforce citing IDC data

Cloud-based ERP provider Salesforce claimed that for the sixth consecutive year it has been named the number one CRM provider by International Data Corporation (IDC).
Best CRM for Small Business 2019, CRM for Small Business Comparison, Top 10 Best CRM Software for Business, CRM Review, Customer Relationship Management, CRM

Best CRM Software for Small Businesses – Reviews & Ratings

Client Relationship Management or CRM programming is a framework that empowers organizations to manufacture solid client connections. We take a look at the Best CRM Software of 2019 for Small Businesses.

Wealth management technology: How CRM empowers wealth managers to increase value for their customers

CRM tools are used by wealth management companies to capture the data of their clients. Their intelligent algorithms empower wealth managers to draw accurate analyses and take educated decisions quickly

AI will significantly impact the evolution of CRM: Here’s how

In the field of CRM, there are two vital areas where AI will significantly impact the evolution of Business Processes.
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Integrating WhatsApp with CRM to improve business outcome: Here’s how

Slowly, more and more CRM companies are offering customized API’s to integrate WhatsApp messages with their offering leading to tracking the flow of communication easy for SMBs.
CRM is dominating the worldwide software market: Here’s why

CRM is dominating the worldwide software market: Here’s why

Despite software market getting flooded with flurry of new solutions, Customer Relation Management (CRM) software has maintained its lead as the largest revenue generator. According to a recent report from research firm Gartner, at the end of 2017, worldwide CRM revenue overtook that of database management systems (DBMSs), making it the largest of all software markets.

4 easy steps to optimise business strategy with CRM

In-depth, swift and accurate data from CRM can enable businesses to make decisions faster, and shorten the customer buying cycle.

CRM is yet to be fully utilised in Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality segment is perceived to be among the most benefited by the use of CRM. However, when observed closely, CRM is yet to be utilised up to its full potential.

How startups and SMEs can leverage open source CRM to increase business

Often CRM is looked upon as a viable tool for larger businesses and enterprises while SME’s and Start-ups often view it as a considerable investment.
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