Monday, March 4, 2024
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics
Reimagining Public Sector Analytics


Google settles $5 billion privacy lawsuit for tracking users in Chrome’s Incognito mode

Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit that accused it of tracking users' online activities even when they were using Chrome's Incognito mode.

DPDP Act 2023 necessitates swift action on data privacy and data protection for business continuity

Both businesses and government organisations are now intensifying their focus on privacy and data protection as a vital element of their business continuity strategies following the enactment of the DPDP Act 2023.

Oracle launches EU Sovereign Cloud to comply with Data Privacy regulations

To comply with the European Union's (EU) increasingly stringent data privacy and sovereignty regulations, Oracle has launched its new EU Sovereign Cloud.

Data Privacy Day: Top tricks to keep your data safe

Today, data is considered as the most pivotal asset of any Indian business, hence great efforts are being made to protect it. As data grows rapidly and spreads across multiple platforms, data privacy is becoming increasingly important to understand.
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Data Privacy Day: Are data security and data privacy the same thing?

Although used interchangeably, data security and data privacy are not the same. Data privacy goes a step beyond data security.

Data Privacy Day 2023: Success starts with security, and security starts with Zero Trust

A zero trust architecture is an essential aspect of data privacy and will increasingly take center stage in shaping the future of cybersecurity in India.

Data Privacy Day 2023: Experts call for holistic approach to privacy and security

It is important to reflect on what holistic data protection entails, and how critical cybersecurity is, not only to compliance but to protecting privacy, says Drew Bagley, VP & Counsel for Privacy and Cyber Policy at CrowdStrike.

WhatsApp ready with 3 new privacy features, no screenshots on view once messages soon

According to the company the new features will give users more control over their conversations and added layers of protection when messaging.
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Troubles brews for Google as US democrats seek privacy for abortion patients

In a letter to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google parent Alphabet Inc, the lawmakers said if abortion becomes illegal in the US, the company’s data may become a tool to crack down on people seeking reproductive health care.

Privacy gone for a toss: Anonymous message board iPhone app Yik Yak reveals users’ exact location

Yik Yak iPhone application which allows users to read messages from others in close proximity reportedly exposed the precise locations of at least two million users.