Monday, June 24, 2024
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Google to reinstate deleted Indian mobile apps following IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw intervention

Google will reinstate mobile apps which were removed from the Play Store amid a dispute over service charges. This decision comes on the heels of discussions between Google officials and IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

Thales, Google partner to streamline eSIM activation on Android devices

Thales and Google partnership is aimed at streamlining the eSIM activation process on Android devices.

Google settles $5 billion privacy lawsuit for tracking users in Chrome’s Incognito mode

Google has agreed to settle a lawsuit that accused it of tracking users' online activities even when they were using Chrome's Incognito mode.

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen admits using Google Bard, citing bogus cases

In a clear case of serious pitfalls of emerging legal technologies, Michael Cohen, former attorney to Donald Trump, admitted to using Google's AI service, Bard, to generate legal citations that ended up in a federal court filing.
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Will Google’s transition to on-device location storage end geofence warrants abuse

Geofence warrants, also known as reverse-location warrants, enable the law enforcement agencies to request data from Google regarding devices present in a specific area at a given time.

Google launches MedLM, new Gen AI platform for healthcare industry

Google has launched MedLM, a series of foundation models specifically designed for healthcare applications and available through Google Cloud.

Fortinet gets Google Cloud leg up in SASE market

Fortinet said that this strategic collaboration allows it to utilise Google Cloud’s extensive global network edge locations, enhancing connectivity and ensuring 99.99% service availability.

Tech world’s first casualty of Hamas-Israel War: Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave resigns amid Meta, Google, Amazon backlash

Paddy Cosgrave, the CEO and co-founder of the annual tech extravaganza Web Summit, tendered his resignation following a storm of controversy ignited by his remarks on the Israel-Hamas war.
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INDIA bloc urges tech giants Google and Meta to ensure neutrality ahead of 2024 Lok Sabha elections

Citing potential biases and the importance of preserving social harmony, especially in the lead-up to the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the NDIA bloc has called for a commitment to neutrality from Meta and Google.

‘The Open Web’ is really ‘The Google Web’: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

In his testimony, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasised Google's online dominance, noting it's more "Google web" than open web. He said Google's strong influence over publishers, pushing them to tailor content to its search criteria.