April 17, 2021 8:39 pm

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Fortinet invests $75 million in Foxconn subsidiary Linksys

Linksys, a subsidiary of Foxconn Interconnect Technology and cybersecurity firm Fortinet announced a strategic alliance with the intent to focus on the security of home networks.
Employees working from home need to keep their devices safe, confidential information private and networks secure to ensure business data security amid covid-19 lockdown

Maximizing support for Remote Workers while protecting the cloud

Throughout the next two years, organizations will continue to shift to the cloud and increase their investments in IT infrastructure and applications, in addition to machine learning, AI and automation
Remote Working, Work From Home

Remote working: Why work from home is here to stay

The post-pandemic era will see nearly twice as many employees working remotely on a permanent basis
National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom).

Over 30% jump in digital transformation deals during pandemic: Nasscom

There has been a notable acceleration in technology spending during the pandemic, and it witnessed a 30% jump in digital transformation deals, according to Nasscom
Remote Working, Work From Home

Securing public cloud in the age of remote working

Organizations need an automated mechanism to ensure business continuity, by securing their cloud environment and aligning with cloud security best practices