Monday, August 2, 2021

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Digital Trust is gaining significantly in India, says CA Technologies

60 per cent of Indian consumers say they are definitely cautious about sharing personal data over the internet
Searching for convictions in public records requires going to the offices where they are held, which most people do not have the time to do.

Want to know if a person you are dating has any criminal past? Search...

To make the search for criminal records faster and easier GoLookUp has launched a Conviction search directory for its users
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What is blockchain, should you invest in: Here’s all you need to know

Blockchain is a disruptive technology trend that enables a shared, authentic, decentralized ledger. It is adept for businesses where large amounts of data is transferred, updated and filtered by multiple users.
Grady Summers, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, FireEye

Cyber Security: Rules of engagement have broadened, says Grady Summers, CTO, FireEye

Initial cybercrime game was primarily espionage – governments and militaries spying on one another. Quickly the game changed a few short years later, when hackers started using Windows NT to carry out cybercrime. And later on it moved to militaries pivot in the mid- 2000s and begin hacking the private sector, a sign that the rules of engagement were starting to broaden.
Digital Senate
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