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Reimagining Technology for Safe City in New Normal

Reimagining Tech for Safe City in New Normal

The prime mission for any police force is to prevent crime and maintain law & order and thereby provide an empowering environment for women in public places, to enable them to pursue all opportunities without the threat of gender-based violence or harassment. However, this is easier said than done because, in the age of digital and social media platforms, Police forces are facing increasing public expectations & scrutiny and providing a safe, secure and empowering environment to women in public places have been a huge challenge. Over the years, both central and state governments have put their best efforts to improve cities safety index. However, to give it a mega-push, Union Ministry of Home Affairs had launched the ‘Safe City’ project intending to create safer urban infrastructure and efficient access to law enforcement agencies. Now, many cities are trying to focus on setting up the Integrated Smart Control Room, single emergency number, CCTV cameras, improving lighting in identified Hot Spot areas and setting up Women Help Desks. Among all, one of the key focuses has been on using smart technologies for improving governance and visibility across the cities. However, running a successful integrated urban infrastructure system is easier said than done. The ‘smartness is...
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