Friday, December 3, 2021

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‘No investment’ in controversial e-commerce firm Evaly: Jamuna Group

Bangladesh’s leading industrial group Jamuna Group has made it clear that it will not invest in controversial e-commerce company Evaly. 
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Bangladesh Bank bars e-commerce firms from taking advance payments directly in their accounts

From now on in Bangladesh, no e-commerce company will be able to take advance money of goods or services directly from the customer to its own bank account.
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Bangladesh Bank suspends all e-Orange bank accounts

As a result, it will not be possible to withdraw money from Mehjabin's own and the company's account for the next one month. On Sunday, BFIU sent a letter to the managing directors and chief executives of all scheduled banks in the country with instructions in this regard.
eOrange's owner Sonia Mehjabin and her husband Masukur Rahman (Photo: Agency)

Bangladesh: eOrange embroiled in money embezzlement now only has Tk 3 crore in accounts

Law enforcement officials have discovered that Bangladeshi e-commerce platform eOrange which is embroiled in embezzlement of funds only has Tk3 crore 12 lakh 14 thousand 356 in two of its main bank accounts.
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Exclusive: e-Commerce wave amid pandemic in Bangladesh

The trend of buying electronics products, clothing, household appliances online was already prevalent but now due to Corona, it gained more momentum centering on Eid.
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Human resource and skill gaps in logistics services in India

There is still a huge gap in the industry's demand and supply. To make up for the sudden spike in orders compromises were made in staff onboarding and training, which became evident after some time.
Vikram Bhat, Chief Product Officer, Capillary Technologies

6 key ecommerce trends that retailers must watch out for in 2020

With 2020 on the horizon, Vikram Bhat, Chief Product Officer, Capillary Technologies is betting big on technologies like AI and collaborative commerce to disrupt the retail industry
Bangladesh: 80% sacrificial animals from digital haat delivered

Ecommerce and digital marketing M&A value up by $20 billion in 2018

he year 2018 recorded a $20 billion increase in disclosed e-commerce M&A value compared to 2017, boosted by mega-deals such as Walmart’s ambitious $16 billion purchase of Flipkart
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