April 14, 2021 6:51 am

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Facebooks falls prey to biggest online data theft exposing critical data of 533 million users

Critical data of over 61 lakh Indian users have been dumped on a public cybercrime forum. The leaked data includes Facebook ID numbers, profile names, email addresses, location information
With strict laws on data privacy coming in, expert legal advice can't be an afterthough for startups and small businesess.

Data Privacy for startups: Here’s why legal advice can’t be an afterthought

With strict laws on data privacy coming in, it is high time when entrepreneurs should start including the cost of having themselves covered from any legal issue pertaining to compliance.
Facebook exposes 6.8 million private photos of users to app developers

Facebook bug exposed 6.8 million user’s private photos to app developers

On Friday, the social media firm admitted that it had mistakenly exposed private photos of millions of users without their permission to app developers.
Nilesh Jain, Vice President – South East Asia and India, Trend Micro

Privacy by Design: That’s what GDPR teaches to corporates

As organizations create new products and applications post-implementation of GDPR, privacy by design must be kept in mind.
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Secure IoT now or risk a dystopian future, cybersecurity experts warn

In its current form, the IoT represents a considerable threat to consumers due to inadequate regulations regarding security and privacy, say experts
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Data Privacy Day 2018: Top 5 tips to protect your online privacy, security

Data Privacy 2018: The exploitation of data is happening at a massive scale. So, like never before in the history, the data privacy is more relevant and important today
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Businesses report sales delays due to data privacy concerns, GDPR: Cisco Report

Cisco global study finds estimated average delay of nearly two months in sales cycles; privacy-mature businesses experience 80 percent shorter sales delays
SC verdict on right to privacy gives identity access a legitimate perspective, says Aniket Jain of Solutions Infini. (Photo/Agency)

SC verdict on right to privacy gives identity access a legitimate perspective

Supreme Court's verdict on right to privacy as a citizen's fundamental right will advance major amendments in the Indian individual's life and liberty
The IT ministry has now said it intends to ask all the remaining companies selling smartphones in India to provide details of the data security processes followed by them to safeguard users’ data. (Photo/Agency)

What is your data security procedure, asks Modi govt to smartphone makers

To have proper understanding and robust data security in place in India, Narendra Modi government has asked smartphone makers, both domestic and international to share their data security procedure.