January 20, 2021 6:27 am

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Juspay assures customers’ transaction-related data is secure

Bengaluru-based software company Juspay has assured that its customers' transaction-related data is safe. The data compromised in August 2020’s cyberattack on JusPay did not contain any transaction information, and customers' card numbers and passwords remain secure, JusPay said in a blogpost. According to the blog, the data breach was restricted to...
Ensuring Brand Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Ensuring brand protection against cyber attacks

Companies across all industries and sizes must make sure that they are protected and safeguarded against all forms of cyberattacks today
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Secure IoT now or risk a dystopian future, cybersecurity experts warn

In its current form, the IoT represents a considerable threat to consumers due to inadequate regulations regarding security and privacy, say experts
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