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Bangladesh bans all types of cryptocurrency transactions including Bitcoin

At present, there are more than eight thousand such coins. However, the most popular of these is Bitcoin. In addition, Ethereum, Ripple, Litcoin are being used more.

E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh suspend Evaly’s membership

E-Cab has about 1,100 members, of which 14 are allegedly operating MLM businesses in the name of e-commerce.
Dhamaka Shopping

Govt asks Bangladesh Bank to freeze bank accounts of e-commerce firm Dhamaka Shopping

CID Additional DIG Kamrul Ahsan said, “We have written to Bangladesh Bank on Thursday to freeze Dhamaka’s bank account. This action has been taken as part of the ongoing investigation into various e-commerce companies.”
Bangladesh- Corona pandemic pushes interest in digital banking services

Bangladesh: Corona pandemic pushes interest in digital banking services

According to the statistics of Bangladesh Bank in December last year, there are about 11.58 crore recipients in the country. Of these, 3 % are reported to be taking advantage of digital banking
Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank eases policy, increase loan limit on laptops, computers and smartphones

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Bangladesh Bank increased the loan limit for customers purchasing digital devices such as laptops, smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Tk200 crore order in one day in Evaly

Mohammad Russell, managing director of Evaly, said that there was an idea that everyone was shopping at Evaly for higher discounts
Bangladesh Bank

Experts urge Bangladesh Bank to set up inter-transaction system for MFS service providers

Experts have urged the Bangladesh government to set up an inter-transaction system for the account holders of financial services providers (MFS) on mobile phones like bKash, Rocket and Nagad.
Dhamaka and alesha Mart

Bangladesh Bank reviews bank accounts of 7 e-commerce firms embroiled in controversy

The BFIU sent a letter to the banks on Tuesday (June 29). The letter said that if any account has been conducted in the name of the person concerned in the interest of these organizations and organizations, it should be informed if it is conducted now or in the past.

Bangladesh Bank gives 3-month extension to Nagad

They will have to get final approval from Bangladesh Bank within this period. Although the government is in the process of operating Nagad as a subsidiary of the Postal Department, it has been involved in a lengthy process, including amending the law with the approval of the Prime Minister.
Dutch Bangla Bank

Dutch Bangla Bank suspends transaction for 10 e-commerce portals

The banned companies are Evaly, Alesha Mart, E-Orange, Dhamaka Shopping, Sirajganj Shopping, Aladdin's Lamp, Boom Boom, Cucom, Adian Mart, and Needs.com BD.
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