December 5, 2020 1:56 pm

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PhotoFast TubeDrive and TubeReader launched in India for Apple users

PhotoFast TubeDrive and TubeReader launched in India for Apple users

PhotoFast, the smart accessory brand from Taiwan, has introduced two new products for Apple users to enhance their YouTube experience.
Wipro, Wipro Live Workspace Suite, Apple

Wipro Live Workspace Suite to support Apple devices

With the aim to align its products and services with growing acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Indian IT major Wipro said that its Live Workspace Suite will now support Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad.
Apple, LG and Valve, OLED microdisplays, eMagin, VR, AR

Apple, LG, Valve bet on OLED microdisplays technology, invest $10 million in eMagin

Maker of OLED microdisplays eMagin is getting attention from tech giants such as Apple and LG as they bet big on VR and AR for future growth.
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Samsung, Apple together consumed $81.8 billion of semiconductors in 2017

Samsung and Apple together consumed $81.8 billion of semiconductors in 2017, an increase of more than $20 billion from 2016, said a report from research firm Gartner.
Apple, Shazam, Snapchat, Spotify, Apple Music

Apple acquires music recognition app Shazam, beats Snapchat and Spotify

Apple said that it is acquiring popular music recognition app Shazam beating Snapchat and Spotify to expand its music business.
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Resurgent Samsung boosted Android’s growth, iOs lost momentum: Report

For the three months ending in August 2017, iOS posted growth in the US, China, Germany, France, and Spain, but performance in Great Britain dropped, said Kantar
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Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO on mind, Apple teams up with Steven Spielberg for video expansion

Apple is bringing back Spielberg's 30-year-old anthology series “Amazing Stories” in its attempt to build an online video subscription service to challenge the digital networks operated by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and HBO
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Privacy on footpath: Apple helped Uber iOS app in live screen recording of users

Giving least respect to user’s privacy and security, global smartphone giant Apple iOS allowed Uber to record screen of the users who have installed Uber App on their smartphone, said security researchers
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Is Apple’s iPhone X FaceID secure, cybersecurity experts give mixed views

To make things more convenient and easy, Apple’s new iPhone X has removed the home screen button and has put up a face recognition technology to unlock the iPhone. The new biometric FaceID uses a 3D scan of the face as a password to unlock the device. Some of the experts say, Apple might be exposing its users to a serious security risk.
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Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus pre-order begins today: Here’s how to pre-book

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus would be available for pre-order starting September 22, 2017. These smartphone were launched few weeks ago.
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