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WhatsApp for business launched, will Kaizala, Skype and Hangout become irrelevant?

There is good news for large number of Indian small and medium enterprises (SMBs) who have been using Whatsapp for sharing messages, videos and photos.
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Bots were responsible for 90% of cyberattacks in 2017

Cybersecurity firm says that it has detected an exponential rise in bot attacks in 2017 with more than half of the attacks happened through command injection and 90% of all the attacks were from bots.
Darren Roos, President of SAP S/4HANA Cloud at SAP

Putting Cloud ERP at the core of digital value creation is making business future proof

What you could have dealt with 10 years ago, before the availability of real-time data and digital channels, is now enough to be fatal. Putting Cloud ERP at the core of digital value creation is the key to overcoming this challenge.
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ADD Technologies launches Relyeon GPS tracking devices for individual and asset safety

Based on GPS technology, these safety devices will help guardians, institute administrators, corporate managements, and the operations heads at banking organisations to have a track of the individuals and the assets
Sheldon Monteiro, SVP and CTO, SapientRazorfish

Digital transformation means getting into brand new territories with technology

From being the commodity that fuels back office to now being the medium in which brands talk to their customers - there has been a significant shift in the way technology is consumed, thanks to Digital Transformation
Aaron Cooper, Vice President, Global Policy, BSA | The Software Alliance

Cross-border data flows are essential to the global economy: BSA

Cross-border data flows are essential to the global economy. This is a point that BSA always emphasizes. But what exactly are “cross-border data flows” and how do they affect you?
Kushal Agarwal, Co-Founder, Xoxoday

Changing nature of people analytics and modern day HR: Here are the six hot trends to look for

The nature of people analytics in organizations is changing at a rapid pace. It is fast evolving as a profit center for organizations that are choosing to invest in and focus upon it
Although the companies are risking a backlash from customers who side with Trump, they say the pushback is necessary for an industry dependent on thousands of highly skilled foreign workers. (Photo/Agency)

US-Tech firms take stand against travel ban, risking backlash from President Trump

Through a Super Bowl ad, public statements and court filings, Silicon Valley's biggest companies are taking a strong stand against President Donald Trump's travel ban, saying high tech needs immigrants' creativity and energy to stay competitive.

Big data predictions for 2017 by Oracle

Big data and cloud are the two technologies driving dramatic transformations in the world of enterprise technology
Tim Alsop, Managing Director and CEO, CyberSafe. (Photo/CyberSafe)

We streamline password for SAP platforms with full security: CyberSafe CEO Tim Alsop

Cybersafe specialises in security, particularly in authentication. It authenticates users when they login to SAP business applications.
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