HCL CTO Kalyan Kumar on state of AI in 2019

Ai And Related Technologies Are Increasingly Being Used Across Workplace Environments.
AI and related technologies are increasingly being used across workplace environments. (Photo: Agency)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to be a hot topic of discussion in 2019. It's getting attention from start-ups, enterprises, vendors, media, research firms and government institution to name a few. They are all trying to achieve and improve its bottom line using AI. The coming year is going to be a crucial year in the establishment of new AI applications and the growth of existing ones. Here's a look at the top 5 trends that I would want to emphasize on.

: AI and related technologies are increasingly being used across workplace environments. Although this will continue to grow, we are likely to witness standardization in terms of both functional and non-functional aspects of technology adoption. With standardization, we can expect an increase in intelligent interactions between humans and technology in a natural setting leading to intelligent collaboration, more productivity, and efficiency in workspaces. The use of AI capabilities in healthcare and Financial industry is expected to take the industry to the next level.

: There are two major shifts taking place in the entire BI/Analytics and AI space. First, analytic capabilities are moving towards augmented analytics, which can provide more business insights and has less dependency on domain experts. Second, is the convergence of conversational platforms with these enhanced capabilities around augmented analytics. The capabilities and adoption are expected to quickly proliferate across organizations, especially those organizations that are already having some form of BI in place.


Business Immersed AI (BIA): Businesses are increasingly getting acquainted to differentiated capabilities that AI can bring to them. While the trend is expected to continue, one major transformation is the change in how AI is being used across businesses. Rather than people or processes driving or taking business decisions, the role of AI is expected to change tremendously, in not just augmenting business decisions but also getting pervasive across various business use cases and driving key business transformations for growth.

Bots and Humanoids/: In today's scenario, many companies specifically zero down on use cases where they expect the involvement of Bots/Humanoids. Organizations have started understanding the value that the Bots/Humanoids bring in along with the trust and accuracy enabled by inbuilt AI/ML. All this is likely to have an exponential impact on services and human interactions, especially in service-oriented scenarios.

: While using AI in security domain is not a new trend, the recent impact AI has been having on security / cybersecurity solutions has been phenomenal. Off late, we are seeing new and improved ways in which AI is changing the security landscape. These new ways of using AI have not only improved security across organizations, but also created new ways of detecting, analyzing and predicting unforeseen threats. We expect this space to continue to innovate and evolve with security solutions that think and operative very differently from their existing counterparts.

The limit of human imagination is constantly being pushed in pursuit of larger benefits for businesses and mankind. The industry is expected to witness growth with exciting frontiers being conquered. We expect these exciting times to continue and unleash new frontier of possibilities. Let this magic called “AI” unleash and transform our lives!!! Amen…

The author is Corporate Vice President and CTO, IT Services at .