Narendra Modi govt should set aside at least 8% of IT budget for cybersecurity: Symantec

As the industry awaits the upcoming Union 2017-18, there are varied expectations from the government to undertake further steps that propel the economic growth and enhance the socio-economic environment of the country. , senior vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan, on behalf of the company outlined the expectations from the impending budget.

As India digitalises rapidly, holistic approach to is a prerequisite to foster and sustain trust of all the stakeholders – consumers, businesses as well as government. Widespread, persistent, and sophisticated cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure including but not limited to government organisations pose threat to national security and economy. With this background, cyber security ought to be part of the design architecture itself and not an afterthought.

Similar to the decision in 1998 to set aside a specific budget for IT across government projects paved the way for induction and adoption of technology throughout India, the government should consider setting aside at least 8% of its overall IT budget specifically for cyber security starting with the upcoming budget.


Alongside investment in infrastructure, we need to focus on developing a world-class and competent work force. To this effect, Symantec has partnered with NASSCOM towards building a cadre of certified cyber security skills in the country. Such endeavors will not only improve the understanding of cyber security within the country but will also enable India to emerge as a truly digital nation.