eLearning is all about accessing educational curriculum online, outside the traditional classrooms. (Photo/Agency)
eLearning is all about accessing educational curriculum online, outside the traditional classrooms. (Photo/Agency)

: The road to become a is challenging as well as rewarding. Every year lakhs of students appear for the after days of hard work and the best preparation possible. The HT reports that in 2017 almost 11.5 lakhs aspirants registered for NEET while 2,84,737 candidates appeared for the AIIMS MBBS entrance exam, the two most popular and toughest medical entrance exams in India.

Today's generation is much aware and informed. They are very considerate about their future careers and students start preparing themselves for their dream careers from the schools itself. A lot of students handle their preparations on their own but a majority of them look for guidance. Hence, students enroll themselves into coaching classes which are generally scheduled either after their schools or on the weekends and holidays.

In such cases, students have to manage their schools and entrance preparation side by side which is quite tedious and stressful. Sometimes students also have to leave their hometown to get the best guidance for entrance preparation. This not only affects their school performance as well and as their health. Many times students are not able to perform as expected and think of dropping a year after 12th. Hence, it's time to find out better ways so that students can handle both the things efficiently.


Choose eLearning to ease your preparation for medical entrance exams

eLearning is all about accessing educational curriculum online, outside the traditional classrooms. It is also known as computerized learning or a learning that is delivered online or Internet learning. The Internet nowadays contains an abundance of Information and resources for medical preparation. Thus, the students can explore a lot of study material from the comfort of their homes in minutes.

Medical Entrance exam preparation requires in-depth study of subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology. As the competition is getting tough every year students need to be thorough with all the concepts that they learned in 11th and 12th standard as well as with the examination patterns. Thus, students cannot neglect their schools. With eLearning students can easily manage the exam preparation along with schools and nothing will suffer.

Bring virtual classrooms right to your home

Students can search for online resources and prepare for the entrance exams totally on their own or they can either enroll into online coaching classes. There are a number of online coaching classes available to guide students for medical exam preparation. With online classes, students do not need to commute to coaching centers and can learn from the comfort of their homes. Not only this, online classes can be beneficial to students in a lot more ways:

  1. Study at your own pace – Online classes provide the flexibility to study according to your own convenience. In this way, students can prioritize their school activities, exams, and entrance preparations according to their own schedules.
  2. Study material – Students get a structured and appropriate study material. Just like any other coaching classes students receive study materials and workbooks to practice and learn the concepts.
  3. Learn from wherever you are – Students do not need to leave their hometowns anymore. They can study from wherever they are. All it requires is an internet connection and a computer/ laptop/ tablet/ smart phone to access the classes and the study material online.
  4. Complete guidance Students get complete guidance and support from these classes. They can interact with the teachers and clear all doubts just like traditional classroom teaching.
  5. Great learning experience – eLearning involves interactive components such as videos, quizzes, interaction with the teacher, and graphic elements which keep the students engaged. Not only this, it increases their retention power and grasp over the subject.

Apart from these, here are some other advantages of eLearning for students:

Make the most of your time

School life is an important part of every student's life as it gives a structure to one's thoughts and beliefs. It is the best time to develop new hobbies, learn new things, participate in competitions and enhance your skills. With eLearning students would no more have to miss their schools or any events because of the coaching classes. They can study as per their schedules and their own pace.

Avoid unnecessary burdens

Students spend a lot of time in traveling from their homes to schools and then to the coaching institutes. With eLearning students will not have to face this hustle to commute to their coaching classes after school. They can rather utilize their time in other activities or just take rest for a while after school.

Accessibility to online resources

With online learning, the traditional paper notes are being replaced by e-notes. Students can access their e-notes from anywhere and at any time. They would never have to carry books all around with them. Students can find a number of mobile applications that can help them in preparing for the medical entrance exams. With online learning, students can also enroll in online test series and mock tests also.

Taking test series time to time will help them in evaluating their own performance.

Learn to plan your life on your own

Although online learning offers a lot to students, they would be able to get the benefit only when they will be disciplined on their own. Students have to learn to organize their day and take out time for studying for the entrance exams. They can seek help from the teachers but, they would be in-charge of their own schedules. All this would give them a sense of responsibility and they would learn to motivate themselves on their own throughout this journey.

Due to less number of seats as compared to the number of candidates, medical entrance exams are getting tough day by day. Hence, it is time to come up with new strategies so that the students can perform their best. The concept of education for students is not just limited to the walls of the classrooms now. With minimal fees, high knowledge value and comfortable learning online learning are becoming popular among the aspirants for medical entrance exams.

The author Nishant Sinha is the co-founder of emedicalprep.com, an online coaching platform for Medical Entrance Exams. Views are personal.