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Revenue Intelligence & Management – Commercial Tax

In this informative video, government officials and specialists in finance and technology explore the evolving landscape of Revenue Intelligence and Management in the context of Commercial Tax.

Revenue Intelligence & Management – Property Tax and Mining

In this insightful webinar, a panel of government officials and industry experts delves into the strategies for driving revenue growth by leveraging digital transformation.

Top Trend – Why Tax Administrators are Adopting New Data & Analytics Strategies

Despite best efforts, governments lose several trillion dollars annually to the economic crimes of tax evasion and noncompliance. To make good decisions – and...

Apple embraces ‘Netflix tax’ at last, settles lawsuit with Chicago over 9% levy

The ‘Netflix tax’ introduced in 2015, looks to extend the city’s tax on tickets for recreational activities and concerts to digital entertainment platforms.
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‘Top tech billionaires in US making more while shelling out less in taxes’

Slamming the US tax system a recent ProPublica investigation revealed tech billionaires like Bill Gates make up 10 of the top 15 incomes among the top 400 American income-earners and yet, they do not pay high taxes.

 US tells wealthiest to ‘pay their fair share’, slaps 20% minimum tax on ‘rich

The White House estimates that the proposed tax would raise around $360 billion in revenue over the next decade.

Crypto tax set to begin from April 1 following passage of Finance Bill in Lok Sabha

Crypto tax as proposed in the Union Budget 2022-23 is set to begin on April 1, following the Lok Sabha's passage of the Finance Bill, 2022

Reimagining Technology for Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs: Vinayak Gupta, ADG, CBIC

Technology is being extensively used in CBIC, leading to greater facilitation to the tax-payer and tangible benefits to the tax administration, says Vinayak Gupta, ADG, CBIC.
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With Digital India vision at forefront, Infosys to upgrade Income Tax portal with new modules

As of December 31, about 5.8 crore returns are reported to be filed through the new Income Tax portal.

EU to revise blacklist of tax havens, remove Seychelles, Dominica, and Anguilla from the list

The list, which was established in 2017 looks to counter widespread tax evasion and tax avoidance, and has been updated periodically to remove or add jurisdictions depending on their tax reforms