Expected benefits of govt programs have not been effective

Over the last two years, the government has implemented several policy reforms but the expected benefits of government programs have not been effective because there is a gap between the initiatives and the actual intended outcome

Govt should lower the rate of taxes on domestic software & IT services in Union Budget 2017: Greytip Software

This will help lower costs of these items and lead to increased adoption and will have a significant impact in helping the government achieve is vision of a Digital India
Pradipto Chakrabarty, Regional Director, CompTIA

Data security can be a promising career in the age of Digital India

IT is playing a dominant role in the India’s economy but is it prepared enough to combat the red eye of cybersecurity threat?
Fridolin Wild is a volunteer with the IEEE Standards Association and a Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University.

Augmented Reality can reduce time, effort and cost to train workers

Technology contributes to unemployment with its ability to automate jobs, but emerging tech like Augmented Reality can provide new skills as well as career opportunities to unemployed and underemployed workers
Mark Bregman is NetApp’s chief technology officer (CTO)

Data is the new currency: Mark Bregman, CTO – NetApp

There has been a fundamental shift from using data to run the business to recognising that data is the business, writes Dr. Mark Bregman, Chief Technology Officer – NetApp
Vishal Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO, Seclore

Top six cybersecurity trends to look for in 2017

Organisations that fail to increase their security budget and make security a top priority, are most likely to suffer the greatest financial losses. So what’s do we predict for 2017 besides building a better offense?

What holds in store for the datacenter market in 2017?

As 2017 gets underway, Vikram Mulye, Head, Enterprise Business Group, Lenovo India shares his predictions for what 2017 holds in store for the datacenter market in India
B S Nagarajan, Sr Director - systems engineering, India & SAARC, VMware

Protecting a datacentre isn’t as simple as building a wall around it

As more datacenterS adopt the power of network virtualization and a software-defined datacenter architecture, we’ll see a broad range of traditional security solutions that leverage the unique position of the network virtualization platform in the hypervisor, writes B S Nagarajan of VMware