Sridhar Iyengar, Vice President, ManageEngine – Division of Zoho Corp

Technology Trends for 2018: AI, machine learning and data protection laws to dominate tech word

AI, machine learning, data protection laws will dominate the technology world in 2018, writes Sridhar Iyengar
Ankit Jain, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, MyOperator

Cloud Telephony: Why SMEs are banking on it for business communication

With the advancement in technology, cloud telephony has emerged as a widely accepted platform for businesses communication, especially SMEs and startups
Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solution

CRM for BFSI: Why it has been a half-hearted effort so far?

The vast and dynamic BFSI segment has been implementing CRM techniques to reap the benefits. However, it has been a half-hearted effort where the significant results are yet to be observed, merely due to the lack of an integrated, holistic approach towards this software.
Dr Antonio Espingarderio, Member, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society

Robot revolution: No industry will be 100% robots even in Industry 4.0

Despite the imminent robotic revolution, it seems "work" will continue, it is only the nature of "work" that will change and people will always be needed.
Grady Summers, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, FireEye

Cyber Security: Rules of engagement have broadened, says Grady Summers, CTO, FireEye

Initial cybercrime game was primarily espionage – governments and militaries spying on one another. Quickly the game changed a few short years later, when hackers started using Windows NT to carry out cybercrime. And later on it moved to militaries pivot in the mid- 2000s and begin hacking the private sector, a sign that the rules of engagement were starting to broaden.
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Email Marketing Strategy: Follow these 5 tips to double your email open rate

In addition to having a clean, verified email list, it’s important to make strides towards boosting open rates for effective email marketing strategy to succeed.
Prof. B N Koul

Once a torchbearer of ODL system, IGNOU reduced to a rudderless vessel; the People’s University needs people’s attention

Once a visible player in ODL system at the international stage, IGNOU has been reduced to a rudderless vessel today. As the university search for its permanent head, hope the new Vice Chancellor will be allowed to function as per IGNOU Act and Statutes without any further bureaucratic or political interference
prof m aslam - ignou

Opportunity in decades: What India’s New Education Policy must not miss?

The preparation of Education Policy document is a serious exercise. The past policy recommendations have remained unrealised due to lack of mechanisms being put in place for effective implementation. Let us not repeat this mistake again.
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Courtroom Technology: How telejustice can revamp India’s legal system

Different courtroom technology including video conferencing can be saviour to revamp India’s legal processes by providing critical communication links between courtrooms, offices, visitation centres or prisons, while decreasing travel time, security risks, and inmate transportation costs for the judicial system.
SC verdict on right to privacy gives identity access a legitimate perspective, says Aniket Jain of Solutions Infini. (Photo/Agency)

SC verdict on right to privacy gives identity access a legitimate perspective

Supreme Court's verdict on right to privacy as a citizen's fundamental right will advance major amendments in the Indian individual's life and liberty.