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Japanese companies tie-up with Taiwan semiconductor makers to develop chip manufacturing tech

Japan’s government has announced to pay half of the 37 billion yen ($337 million) cost of a research facility to develop this chip manufacturing technology in Japan

Chinese tech giant Huawei to launch HarmonyOS platform in June

Huawei plans to launch its first HarmonyOS platform in a short teaser on social media on June 2. The company founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei has outlined plans to go big in the software sector
Tech mahindra pune covid facility

Tech Mahindra sets up 25 beds Covid care unit at Pune facility

Tech Mahindra has started a 25-bed covid-care unit in its Hinjewadi, Pune facility to support the needs of associates and their families.
Pre- Launch Test: NASA’s Giant James Webb Space Telescope Succeeds

Pre-Launch Test: NASA’s Giant James Webb Space Telescope Succeeds

The world's largest and most powerful space telescope unfolded its giant golden mirror for the last time on Earth on Tuesday, a key milestone before the $10 billion (roughly Rs. 73,440 crores) observatory is launched later this year. The James Webb Space Telescope's 21 feet 4 inches (6.5 meters) mirror was commanded to fully expand and lock itself into place, NASA said - a final test to ensure it will survive its million-mile (1.6 million kilometers) journey and is ready to discover the origins of the Universe. "It's like building a Swiss watch at 40-feet-tall... and getting it ready for this journey that we take into the vacuum at minus 400 degrees Fahrenheit (-240 Celsius), four times further than the Moon," said Scott Willoughby of lead contractor Northrop Grumman. He was speaking at the company's spaceport in Redondo Beach, California, from where the telescope will be shipped to French Guiana to be launched on an...
Artificial Intelligence, Lawyers, University of Southern California, Stanford Law School

Artificial Intelligence v/s Lawyers: Who is more accurate for reviewing contracts?

With growing adoption of artificial intelligence and its ever increasing use cases, researchers have found Artificial Intelligence to be more accurate than Lawyers for reviewing contracts.
VoIP telephone exchanges, fraud call, phishing call, Thane Police, Crime Branch of the Thane Police, Fraud, Telephone, Bhiwandi, VoIP telephone, VoIP

Thane Police busts illegal VoIP telephone exchanges in Bhiwandi

During the operation, 35 illegal VoIP telephone exchanges were busted in Bhiwandi and at least 26 people were arrested
Stephen Murphy, CEO of Epicor, Joe Cowan, Epicor, Technology, Tech Executive Appointment

OpenText Stephen Murphy to be new CEO of Epicor; Joe Cowan retires

Epicor President and CEO Joe Cowan is set to retire at the end of October 2017, he will be replaced by Stephen Murphy, former president of OpenText
Google hardware event, Google, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixelbook, Google Home, Google SFO event Live, Google Smartphone Launch, Goog Home, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixelbook laptop, Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max

The hero of Google hardware launch is software

Google did emphasise on camera quality of Pixel phones, and competitive price of Google Home Mini at $49 but one thing that really set the entire conversation apart is its focus on software - boasting of Google Assistance, continuous reference to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and showcasing its search capability and integrating it with its newly launched products.
engineers, emerging technologies, 5G, IoT, machine learning, technology, national instrument, ni, ni news, engineers trends in 2018

Five challenges engineers face in 2018 comes from emerging technologies, check what they are

From machine learning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to 5G and the electrification of vehicles, these are not only innovation but they are also newer challenge to traditional engineers
Smart home, smart technology, smart kitchen, smart mirror, Diwali, gadgets, Smart Living, Amazon, Vordosch, Betty, technology, tech new

Tech Gadgets that can help you build smart home this Diwali; Click to check

Smart Living is no more expensive an affair and adding technology to homes is mounting individual’s desire for a convenient and comfy life. From smart kitchens to bathrooms, here are few top smart home trends that are hot in 2017
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