Here's why AI is creating huge buzz

Here’s why AI is creating huge buzz

Although there are some pros and cons of using AI, there’s no doubt that this is the next step in human progress
Online casino most important features

Here’s why technology has become a biggest ally of online casinos

Technology has becom online casino's biggest ally. By using the Internet and AI, online casinos have created a network where people can enjoy their favourite poker or slot games
Indian LGBT Youth Leadership Summit, ThoughtWorks, LGBT

Indian LGBT Youth Leadership Summit to be hosted by ThoughtWorks in Bengaluru

The fourth edition of the Indian LGBT Youth Leadership Summit will be organized in Bengaluru on December 16 and 17
Founded by Farooq Adam, Harsh Shah, and Sreeraman MG, Fynd is a fashion e-commerce portal which brings the latest in-store fashion online. (Photo/Fynd)

Mumbai based Fynd launches to supports open-sourcing for software development

Fynd, a Mumbai based fashion e-commerce portal has decided to contribute towards the open source community by launching
SAP Hana