Thursday, July 18, 2024
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ServiceNow, Nvidia partner for Gen AI in telecom

ServiceNow and NVIDIA have announced an expansion of their partnership, focusing on launching generative AI solutions tailored for the telecommunications industry.

Red Hat, stc Group partner for telecom cloud and 5G services

Through this partnership with Red Hat, stc Group aims to reduce ownership costs and launch new edge and 5G services for the enterprise market.

Predictive analytics enhances telecom management by leveraging data

Predictive analytics in telecom management serves as a potent weapon, enabling businesses to predict future outcomes, identify patterns, and make data-driven choices.

Nokia’s Chennai factory hits 7 million telecom units, boosts 5G, broadband tech

The array of products manufactured at Chennai factory includes 5G New Radio (5G NR), 5G massive MIMO products, 4G/LTE radios, and Fiber Broadband equipment, among others.
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EU telecom majors push for sharing network costs by Big Tech as energy crisis looms over Europe

Top 13 EU telecom majors including Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica have urged the EU regulatory body to push US BigTech to share network costs.

Amid global economic gloom, UK telecom major British Telecom scouts for 1,800 freshers in India

The employees in India will be based around Bengaluru and Gurugram across roles spanning product management, software engineering, cloud, design, data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and agile delivery.

EU faces questions over net neutrality as lawmakers seek costs of telecoms network from BigTech companies

Digital rights activists have warned that the new net neutrality rules in Europe that support an open internet would be undermined if EU forces tech cos to shoulder telecom network costs.

TSSC, Kaushalya University signs MoU on drone tech skilling for telecom sector

Both the organisations will collaborate to develop industry-relevant courses and programmes that will aid in the development of capacity in the telecom sector.
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US FCC puts two Chinese telecom companies to national security threat list

China Telecom (Americans) Corp and China Mobile International USA were added to the US government's list of communications equipment and service providers that pose a threat

Engineering, telecom and healthcare sectors to create 12 million jobs: TeamLease

Engineering, telecommunications and healthcare sectors are expected to add nearly 12 million new jobs by FY26, owing to recovery efforts and digital transformation.