Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Facebook faces proprietary issues as former employee claims tech giant of prioritising profiteering over hate speech

Facebook has been under fire after the Wall Street Journal reported internal documents showed that the social media company was aware that Instagram harmed the mental health of young users.

Apple mandates government licensing for Apps in China’s Store

This move by Apple entails that developers are to submit an "internet content provider (ICP) filing" if they wish to introduce a new application to its China App Store.

US Prez kicks-off EU tour, eyes more sanctions against Russia

Biden also looks to persuade the EU nations to slap more sanctions on Moscow including members of the Russian parliament.

After making it to NYSE, Chinese ride-hailing app Didi now faces ban in China

Chinese Cyberspace Administration has alleged that the ride-hailing app Didi severely violated relevant laws and regulations while collecting and abusing user data
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How Bill Gates flung billion-dollar pie to keep his secret fling

Gates and his wife Melinda, who co-founded their charity two decades ago to battle global poverty and disease, announced their divorce on May 3 after 27 years of marriage

Amazon to acquire podcast startup Wondery Inc has said that it would acquire podcast startup Wondery, aiming to beef up non-musical content on its Amazon Music app, according to...

AR headset eSight 3 designed to help visually impaired see launches in Australia and New Zealand

eSight 3 sets the gold standard for the most sophisticated low vision glasses of their kind anywhere in the world, enabling the visually impaired to actually see, be mobile and independently carry out virtually all Activities.

Google publishing technology: Here’s why Google wants media companies to create stories like Snapchat’s ‘Discover’

The parent company of Google, Alphabet Inc is working on the development of technology that will enable media companies to create stories similar to those found on Snapchat’s “Discover” platform
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CfA claims Google paid millions for favourable academic research; search giant says competitors like Oracle behind the report

Google paid millions of dollar to scholars and academician from most prestigious universities including Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Oxford for favourable academic research to support its business and policy goals, claims CfA

Targeting media Tesla chief Musk ‘hopes’ Twitter to become accurate, relevant news disseminating platform

Musk, who is now facing a legal battle with Twitter following terminating the $44 billion takeover deal.