Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Amid growing global scrutiny, US unveils principles for Big Tech reform

White House is reported to have outlined six principles to reform Big Tech platforms and said it was encouraged to see bipartisan interest in Congress to rein in major US tech companies.

Russia slaps fines on US BigTech including WhatsApp for ‘extremist activity’

This comes just days after the Russian competition watchdog slapped a 2 billion roubles ($34.2 million) fine on Google early this week.

Global tech major Apple’s market cap swells past $3 trillion, valuation up 5,800 since launch in 2007

Experts believe that this is the latest milestone in Silicon Valley and the  heavyweight’s spectacular stock surge since introducing the iPhone in 2007

Apple to soon come up with 15-inch iPad to take on Amazon’s Echo Show 15

Apple can have an edge over Amazon by stretching out the iPad to 15 inches, something that Gurman has reported that Apple is exploring previously too
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Global tech giants including Google, Facebook, Microsoft among top lobbying spenders in EU

The study found that 612 companies, groups, and associations spend more than 97 million euros ($114.4 million) annually lobbying on EU digital economy policies

Troubles brews for Google as US democrats seek privacy for abortion patients

In a letter to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google parent Alphabet Inc, the lawmakers said if abortion becomes illegal in the US, the company’s data may become a tool to crack down on people seeking reproductive health care.

US to tighten regulatory ambit around tech majors, senate panel to debate app store reform bill

Senate will debate a bill that will rein in app stores of companies that some lawmakers say exert too much market control, including Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google.

Troubles for WhatsApp far from over, Russia slaps administrative proceedings

Last week a Russian court fined Alphabet Inc.’s Google 3 million roubles for violating personal data legislation and registered administrative proceedings against Facebook and Twitter
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H-1B visa: Google leads U.S. business push to preserve work permits for spouse

Alphabet Inc's Google said it was leading about 30 companies and trade groups in opposing a lawsuit that seeks to stop over 90,000 spouses

Google Project Loon balloons to help restore Puerto Rico cell services

The US Federal Communications Commission has given Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. clearance to deploy its Project Loon balloons over Puerto Rico in order to restore communication service in Island state which has been massively hit by Hurricane Maria.