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Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018: Huawei launches next-generation solutions for data centers

Huawei Asia Pacific ISP Summit 2018: Huawei launches next-generation solutions for data centers

Huawei has launched next-generation FusionServer V5 platform solution, CloudCampus solution, and FusionPower5000-S uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution for large data centers in Southeast Asia.
S. Sundararajan is Executive Director of i-exceed.

Digital Banking: How AI is overhauling the traditional banking jobs

As technology becomes ubiquitous, it’s turning into a driving force that is disrupting, transforming and reshaping business landscapes across different sectors.
Private equity and venture capital investors in Southeast Asia and India capture 170 technology transactions worth US$2.6 billion in Q1 2018

PE and VC invest $2.6 billion in Q1 2018 in tech startups across Southeast Asia and India

Southeast Asia and India continue to capture heightened attention from investors in 2018 outside of China, with private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) investors capturing 170 tech transactions worth $2.6 billion in Q1 2018.
2018 Midterm Elections, Dispel, Election Cyber Defense System, Cybersecurity, Election

Ahead of 2018 midterm elections, Dispel launches Election Cyber Defense System to protect election from cyberattack

Dispel has launched a new solution called Election Cyber Defense System (ECDS) aimed to protect critical election IT infrastructure from foreign and domestic cyberattack ahead of 2018 midterm election in USA
Cognizant, STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Digital Education, Technology, ICT in Education

Cognizant to set up non-profit foundation to support STEM education in US with $100 million grant

Cognizant has formed a new non-profit foundation to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and digital education and skills initiatives for U.S. workers and students. The foundation will be established with an initial grant of $100 million.
Nikhil Madan, General Manager – Data Lake & Scale-out Storage Solutions, Dell EMC

2018 will be the year to demystify the value of unstructured data: Dell EMC

With the advent of new-age technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), data is coming in from all possible sources and in all possible forms such as pictures, videos, all of which is unstructured.
Anil Bhasin, Regional Vice President – India and SAARC, Palo Alto Networks

5 trends that will change Network Security landscape in 2018

Network Security - With the prospects of new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things, there’s also increasing risk of confidential data being maliciously collected, stored and disseminated.
Sumeet Tandure, Regional Manager, Platforms and Solutions, Hitachi Vantara India.

With growing influence of regulators on data management, technology could be the saviour of corporations

New global legislations, such as the MiFID2, Dodd-Frank and, GDPR extend the influence and power of regulators to require corporations to comply. So, the focus now shifts to effective management of data
Microsoft, Microsoft India, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive technologies, IoT

Microsoft showcases AI, Cognitive tech and IoT solutions aimed at government vertical

With the aim to catalyse its businesses from government vertical, Microsoft India showcased several projects that make use of the company’s cloud-based artificial intelligence, cognitive services and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.
British Telecom, BT, Interpol, Cybersecurity, Cybercrime, Technology, Cyberattack, Data Sharing Agreement, BT News, Interpol News

BT forges partnership with Interpol to fight cybercrime

The partnership between BT and Interpol focus on a framework for threat information exchange focusing on data relating to criminal trends in cyberspace, emerging and known cyberthreats and malicious attacks
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