Sanjeev Gulati, Country Manager India and SAARC, VIVOTEK

Security and Surveillance Trends 2019: IP surveillance devices to dominate

Future seems to be bright for the security and surveillance industry in India. In 2019, there will be deployment of a proactive infrastructure like IP surveillance devices.
Sitharama Raju Sagi, Managing Director, IDDC Engineers

Software for protecting bridges: Here’s how MoRTH uses IBMS to overhaul bridge management system

IBMS is totally digitised system, where in the data collection on field is done on a tablet loaded with software and is transmitted to the server in headquarters
Ankit Jain, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, MyOperator

Top 5 cloud telephony trends 2019 for businesses

Cloud telephony sector is booming and will expand at an accelerating rate in the year 2019 due to technological advancements like voice bots, and voice analytics, says Ankit Jain, CEO, MyOperator.
In Digital Learning, Virtual Public School is Next Big Thing

In Digital Learning, Virtual Public School is Next Big Thing

Virtual public schools, that offer a full scale K12 education, have already sprung up in some parts of the world. They even offer a combination of the traditional system with online education.
TGC Prasad, Founder & CEO,

State of India’s B2B e-commerce market: Tech is pushing major transformation

Tech is pushing major transformation in the India’s B2B e-commerce market. It is helping manufacturers by introducing products into the market within a short span of time.
Nilesh Gupta, Vice President & Global Head – Digital Infrastructure Managed Solutions & Strategy (IMS), 3i Infotech

UX, CX and Digital Transformation: How connected they are for business growth?

User / Customer Experience (CX) is the most important element in the journey of digital transformation that every organization should be striving to improve.
Jeevan KS is a content Writer at Furnished Office Bangalore

Best office space ideas for startups with shoestring budget: Check it here

If you are entrepreneurs with a minimal budget, here are few best office space ideas for startups which you can explore.
Shree Parthasarathy, Partner, National Leader-Cyber Risk Services, Deloitte India.

World Cyber Security Week 2018: How SMEs and C-level executives navigated Cyber Security in India

India over the past year has seen a sharp increase in the incidence of data breach and cyber-attacks across sectors and company sizes.
Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solution

CX: Beyond just service, customer has new crave – experience

Most business leaders complain about the finicky and unfaithful nature of customers today. This is often because they fail to notice how the landscape has changed. Customers no longer crave just service; they crave an experience.
Srinivasan Rengarajan, VP & Global Head - Data Science and Analytics, 3i Infotech

Automated Data Science Competitive Edge: Your company needs it, here’s why

Automated data Science represents a fundamental shift in the way organizations of all sizes approach machine learning and data science.
James Tuplin, Head of Cyber & TMT, AXA XL

Cyber underwriters want to know the future of data privacy 10 years from now, says James Tuplin of AXA XL

Cyber liability is an evolving type of insurance. None of us knows for sure how the data privacy landscape might look in five, ten, or 20 years’ time.
Venguswamy Ramaswamy, Global Head of TCS iON, a Tata Consultancy Services unit focused on education, Assessment Boards and SMBs

Promise of cheating in computer based exams like SSC, JEE, NEET: Don’t fall for scams

Computer based exams has rapidly evolved over the last few years to prevent leakage and malpractices.
Mohua Sengupta, EVP & Global Head of Services, 3i Infotech

Top 5 advantages of Blockchain technology for healthcare sector

The top five advantages of Blockchain technology are greater transparency, enhanced security, improved traceability, increased efficiency and speed, reduced cost.
Joy Chakraborty is a customer success manager at

Search as you type can increase conversions for e-commerce business

Search as you type functionality predicts that most likely completion and shows users the most appropriate results for the query.
Sanjay Kaul, Vice President, Sales, Global Service Provider, Cisco

Cisco at the India Mobile Congress 2018: Innovation Takes Center Stage

#CiscoIMC2018: This week I’m excited to be a part of India Mobile Congress, one of the world’s biggest, most prestigious shows on all things mobile and beyond.
Sven Brodmerkel is Assistant Professor for Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications at Bond University.

Painting by Artificial Intelligence is up for auction, does that mean AI is now creative?

A painting generated by artificial intelligence will go up for sale at auction later this month – raising again the question of whether a AI or any machine can be creative.
Aarti Ramakrisnan, Director & CMO, Crayon Data

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain can help banks to be more relevant in fintech age

It is important for the banking sector to adopt newer business models and invest in the technology to support those models. Both artificial intelligence and blockchain could be their best bet.
Alessandro Porro, Senior Vice President, Ipswitch

Cloud Monitoring: 9 Best Practices you need to adopt

Cloud monitoring helps you observe response times, availability, resource consumption levels, performance, as well as predict potential issues.