Tuesday, May 30, 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023


Amid global economic gloom, UK telecom major British Telecom scouts for 1,800 freshers in India

The employees in India will be based around Bengaluru and Gurugram across roles spanning product management, software engineering, cloud, design, data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and agile delivery.

EU faces questions over net neutrality as lawmakers seek costs of telecoms network from BigTech companies

Digital rights activists have warned that the new net neutrality rules in Europe that support an open internet would be undermined if EU forces tech cos to shoulder telecom network costs.

US FCC puts two Chinese telecom companies to national security threat list

China Telecom (Americans) Corp and China Mobile International USA were added to the US government's list of communications equipment and service providers that pose a threat

With govt telecom relief package, Vodafone Idea gets AGR breather but balance sheet pinch to continue

The telecoms sector's relief package is anticipated to benefit not just all wireless providers, but particularly Vodafone Idea, which is said to be closing. Vodafone Idea, India's third-largest operator by user base, is reported to be on the verge of bankruptcy due to rising debt and operational costs. 

As Union cabinet gives telecom rescue plan a miss, sector hopes for govt action soon

The telecom sector was hoping for some announcement from the Centre as the Union cabinet was likely to take up the issue during Wednesday's crucial meeting