Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Facebook Cambridge Analytica Scandal: Article 72A of Information Technology Act not enough to protect user’s data

As per section 72A, securing access and providing ‘any material containing personal information about an-other person’ without consent of that person, or in breach of contract of a service is punishable with imprisonment or fine, or both.

After Frances Haugen, new whistleblower accuses Facebook of prioritising profit over combating hate speech, misinformation

A former Facebook employee reportedly told US authorities Friday that the platform prioritises profitability over removing objectionable information, weeks after another whistleblower Frances Haugen made similar claims.

How is technology improving experience for online casino players

There are many sectors around the world that have decided to implement the best of new technology to help their product evolve, and few have done that as successfully as online casinos.
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