Sunday, October 2, 2022


Tech Gadgets that can help you build smart home this Diwali; Click to check

is no more expensive an affair and adding technology to homes is mounting individual’s desire for a convenient and comfy life. From smart kitchens to bathrooms, here are few top smart home trends that are hot in 2017

Summer Vacations: Here are 5 gadgets to help you plan hassle free travel in summer

Irrespective of wherever one is going, technology can make summer vacation worthwhile and hassle free, Here are the top 5 gadget and apps that can help you plan and enjoy your vacations

How New Innovations are Making Our Lives Better

Some of the most exciting potential advancements include flying cars, holographic technology, and artificial intelligence. These are just a few examples of how technology could potentially impact our lives in the future.

Explained: Beyond technology, key factors that affect online gaming experience

Gaming is very easy to start nowadays. The internet has so many possibilities that anyone can find something that will fit their needs. If you are only starting your online gaming journey, you should know about some factors. Namely, some things can influence your experience.

Amid iPhone 14 launch buzz, Apple braces for tough times as economy slows down

The launch of new iPhone 14 models and Apple Watches will surely test if the consumers are willing to upgrade gadgets in the face of growing inflation

Explained: Future of online gambling technology in India

With the online gaming industry growing exponentially, governments across the world are likely to explore enabling legislation to streamline the industry.