Tuesday, May 30, 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023
National DefTech Summit 2023

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Fortinet: Cybercriminals leveraging evasion and anti-analysis techniques

Fortinet said that cybercriminals are continously looking for new attack opportunities throughout the digital attack surface and are leveraging evasion as well as anti-analysis techniques

Cybercriminals can execute cyberattack for $34/month with $25,000 ROI, says Deloitte

The attackers can execute a cyber attack for as little as $34 per month compared to the extraordinarily high impact and associated expense, incurred by a victimized organization, said a report from Deloitte.

Football fever is on, so do cybercriminals: Here's how to make yourself cybersecure during FIFA World Cup 2018

Football fever is on like never before, so does the interest of cybercriminal. In the past, cybercriminals have used people's interest in the sport to launch cyberattacks.

Reimagining Digital Resilience in an Uncertain World

As organisations prepare for the next wave of disruption, including responding to cyber-attacks, keeping the enterprise environment secure, and accommodating remote workers, digital resilience will be the watchword.

Embee Software to bet big on DevOps, microservices, containers and Kubernetes: Sudhir Kothari

With digital-first and cloud-first becoming the new normal, Embee will intensify its focus on DevOps, microservices, containers, and Kubernetes for app and platform modernization, says Sudhir Kothari.

AI and ML to become more essential to protect digital assets

Modern networks are increasingly complex, requiring inhuman levels of awareness and response to keep them safe. As cybercriminals deploy increasingly sophisticated attacks powered by AI and ML, cybersecurity professionals must use those same technologies in response.

Fortinet invests $75 million in Foxconn subsidiary Linksys

Linksys, a subsidiary of Foxconn Interconnect Technology and cybersecurity firm Fortinet announced a strategic alliance with the intent to focus on the security of home networks.