Monday, August 15, 2022

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Digital India and rise of 4G network are pepping up proAV market growth in India

With $6 billion revenue in 2016, India is a key driver behind Asia Pacific’s success as the world’s second largest professional audio and video (proAV) industry. By 2022, the APAC proAV market will have an estimated value of $63.96 billion, a close second to the Americas ($67.13 billion). While China and Japan will continue to play a central role in Asia’s growth, India will reach $8.6 billion by 2022.

“How to tie a tie” is top search term online in ‘how to’ do searches, says Google

Overall, "how to tie a tie," how to kiss," how to get pregnant," how to lose weight, "how to draw," were the top five search under 'how to' do searches, says Google.

US BigTech Amazon attacks new antitrust bill

The company argued the bill targets one retailer, Amazon, by requiring a market value of at least $550 billion to qualify for regulation, thus excluding Walmart and Target.

Netflix usage trends: Where is world’s biggest streaming platform headed

Netflix is likely to successfully challenge new challenges by diversifying into sports broadcasting, news and continuing to invest in pathbreaking content.
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