Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Diageo backs blockchain tech to track down pilferage of liquor and counterfeits

In a blockchain and IoT-based traceability situation, smart tamper-proof labels replace manual records and track each transaction as a product moves through the supply chain.

Airtel picks strategic stake in Singapore-based Blockchain platform Aqilliz

Airtel looks to deploy the new Blockchain technology to scale up operations across its fast-growing adtech, digital entertainment and digital marketplace offerings.

Emerging tech startup Votechain launches Blockchain-based online voting platform

Technology startup Votechain announced the launch of EazyVC, a blockchain-based online voting platform that can be used by any organisation to conduct votes.

Bangladesh on the brink of IoT, robotics and blockchain era: Jabbar

Mustafa Jabbar, a pioneer of the revolution, said that the need for digital devices including computers and routers are essential for digital Bangladesh

Indian blockchain community uses NFTs to raise funds for Covid relief

The crypto community in India has launched the Crypto Relief Fund recently, and have now followed it up by creating Fable to raise money for COVID relief in India

Blockchain startup Maksab launches digital dealmaking platform for SMBs

To streamline the dealmaking process for SMBs in times of Covid-19 pandemic, UAE-based blockchain technology powered startup Maksab has launched a digital platform
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