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The new investment will be used for accelerating growth and the execution of TruSignal product roadmap, including the general release of TruAudience Platform Custom APIs. (Credit: TruSignal)

Predictive analytics and audience business firm Inc has completed its spin-out from eBureau, LLC and secured $5 million Series A funding from Redpoint Ventures, Split Rock Partners and Tenaya Capital, said company. The new investment will be used for accelerating growth and the execution of its product roadmap, including the general release of TruAudience Platform Custom APIs. Company claimed that this significant round of funding serves as validation of TruSignal's technology and proven success with brands, agencies and platforms.

"The ecosystem is reaching a tipping point with the use of offline data to inform data-driven marketing," said Chris Moore, partner, Redpoint Ventures. "TruSignal gives marketers the power to develop their own audience-based targeting for all digital campaigns, not just the small percentage at the bottom of the funnel. This is game changing for brands to get their message to exactly the right people across digital, mobile and soon enough, TV. The market potential is enormous for the $39.5 billion programmatic media buys forecasted for 2018."

Leading digital marketing hubs and data providers can now integrate TruSignal's advanced insights, modelling and cross-channel solutions within their own products. "TruSignal is a strategic component to our platform and the solutions we deliver to our clients," said Anupam Gupta, chief product officer, 4C. "Their ability to rapidly augment our proprietary audiences with additional high-value data has helped to scale our business."

"Walled gardens have offered advanced audience techniques, such as people-based lookalikes for years now. However, competing platforms are challenged to find an effective solution to incorporate offline data and predictive modeling into their people-based advertising," said David Dowhan, CEO and founder, TruSignal.

"Our new platform APIs make it easy and cost effective. They offer digital marketing hub providers a fast, transparent and scalable way to use advanced data-driven audience technology and compete effectively for advertiser dollars. This is not another platform to log into, rather TruSignal improves existing platforms with people-based, cross-channel targeting, insights, lookalike modeling and bid price optimization."

The new suite of APIs delivers a fully integrated solution including identity resolution, predictive modeling, best-of-breed insights, cross-channel delivery and access to robust offline data sets. Partners and platform providers looking to advance their current product suite, expand customer relationships and deliver additional value faster and at scale will have it all at their fingertips within their own UI.

"TruSignal is a valued partner of Amobee and committed to innovation," said Maureen Little, SVP business development, Amobee. "Better understanding of audiences through offline data modeling remains a key priority for marketers. Amobee and TruSignal's partnership bring advanced data and insights to our clients."

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