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Manoj will work closely with BIS Research’s CEO Faisal Ahmad on key strategic elements. (Photo: BIS Research)

Global market intelligence, research, and advisory company announced that it has brought Manoj Madhusudanan on board as its Innovation and Growth Advisor. Manoj will work closely with BIS Research’s CEO Faisal Ahmad on key strategic elements to help the firm reach the next orbit of growth – both in terms of capabilities and market reputation, said BIS Research. This will be in addition to Manoj’s role as the Co-founder and CEO of Ziligence. Ziligence is an -driven platform incubated by BIS Research whose proprietary technology provides real-time insights on companies to help clients optimise their portfolio risk.

Manoj has been involved in the creation and deployment of several innovative products and disruptive technologies into the technology business ecosystem. He demonstrates in-depth expertise on a range of diverse subjects and frequently shares his opinions on topics such as customer-insight generation, Big Data, challenger selling, , design thinking, and disruptive technologies, said BIS Research.

BIS Research said that Manoj’s appointment to leadership ranks is part of the company’s long-term strategy to bolster its talent pool. By adding experienced professionals like Manoj, the company looks to enhance its market intelligence capabilities. This has helped BIS Research establish itself globally, as it enables businesses to leverage the latest in technology from the concept stage to realisation in the form of innovative products.

“Manoj is well-known for having significant experience of working at the intersection of technology and business. He has conceptualised, executed, and spearheaded various high-profile, market-focussed intelligence and research projects worldwide. His in-depth knowledge of global best practices in research, analytics, and consulting makes him an invaluable addition to the BIS Research team. We are excited to have him on board as the Intelligence and Growth Advisor, and are looking forward to combining our synergies to catapult BIS Research onto the next stage of its growth journey,” said Faisal Ahmad, Founder and CEO, BIS Research.

Holding almost two decades of professional experience, Manoj has been associated with several organisations such as Infosys, Accenture, and Evalueserve over the course of his career. At Accenture, he advised clients on a variety of areas, from devising go-to-market strategies for a B2B e-commerce platform to optimizing the distribution networks of global companies. He was also responsible for building and expanding industry vertical capabilities within the Business Research practice at Evalueserve to deliver high-quality research solutions, thus strengthening the company’s client base and driving repeat business.

While at Evalueserve, Manoj led the creation of InsightBee, a Cloud-based custom research platform from Evalueserve. The platform leverages a non-linear, digital business model that merges research skills from team members globally for achieving customized business research and delivering superior results. He then led InsightBee’s transformation from a pure retail model to a credit-based account plan system to capture strong demand and achieve faster traction.

"BIS Research has been delivering extremely insightful market intelligence about the impact and potential of various emerging technologies across industries. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work as its Innovation and Growth Advisor. Having already worked closely with the company’s management team for Ziligence, I look forward to adding more synergy and expertise to BIS Research's ongoing growth story,” said Manoj Madhusudanan.

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